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  • Inspired Decisions: The Media Agency's Guide to Pinterest

    Knowledge Partners   July 24, 2020  

    Pinterest shared its go-to guide to help media agencies better navigate the platform.

  • Preparing for the Next Normal

    B2B Marketer   July 15, 2020  

    The ongoing and dramatic changes in the workplace offer B2B marketers new opportunities to jump-start their digital communications, both internally and externally.

  • Reputation, Relevancy, and Response: Adjusting Advertising in 2020

    Webinars   July 6, 2020  

    In this webinar, Angela Laubmeier Schema, vice president of advertising and sponsorships at Lincoln Financial Group, shared how Lincoln has combated budget cuts and bold moves by big-name competitors to maintain awareness and protect corporate reputation in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

  • How to Improve Email Campaigns and Connect with Subscribers

    Event Recaps   June 22, 2020  

    In this session, several key areas were discussed to help marketers increase their email marketing effectiveness.

  • Travelers and Its ABM Pilot

    Event Recaps   June 4, 2020  

    Travelers described its successful account-based marketing pilot program.

  • Experience Essentials: Mastering the complex buyer journey

    Knowledge Partners   May 28, 2020  

    Adobe shared basic tips and tools you need to build a demand marketing plan that covers the range of customer channels, while personalizing at the individual level. Start creating demand programs that keep customers interested and your teams informed.

  • Got IT Problems? This Company Hilariously Dramatizes Them in Game

    REGGIE Awards   May 16, 2020  

    Eaton used an online mystery game, “Ticket of Terror,” to comically dramatize common IT problems and demonstrate how Eaton’s power management products can solve them.

  • Nurturing Relationships, Wielding Influence

    B2B Marketer   April 15, 2020  

    Being simpatico with vendors themselves — and not being in thrall to social media messaging or online reviews — can be highly influential in the B2B purchasing process.

  • Singing From the Same Sheet of Data

    B2B Marketer   March 25, 2020  

    With insightful customer data that can be shared with sales, B2B marketers can start to fracture the walls separating their sales and marketing organizations, enabling them finally to pursue revenue growth based on a collaborative, customer-first approach.

  • Taking the Lead on Sales Enablement Is Driving Growth

    B2B Marketer   March 4, 2020  

    Companies that let marketers steer the sales-enablement process exceed their revenue goals much more so than brands that put sales reps in charge, says a new report. And the C-suite is taking note.

  • The Brave Stories Christmas

    ECHO Awards   March 2, 2020  

    The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund drove B2B donations by delivering news about its patients’ recovery stories via email. It analyzed recipient behavior to guide subsequent emails, asking for a donation at the conclusion of its campaign.

  • Agile, ABM, and a New Approach for PwC

    Event Recaps   February 25, 2020  

    In order to stay competitive, PwC revamped its marketing strategy to better focus on the customer by leveraging account-based marketing.

  • First Midwest Bank Uses ABM to Woo Clients Old and New

    Event Recaps   February 18, 2020  

    First Midwest Bank shared the inside scoop for two campaigns: one on prospecting and the other on cross-selling.

  • ABM and the Digital Customer Journey

    Event Recaps   February 18, 2020  

    Overdrive Interactive CEO Harry Gold shared the key elements of a successful ABM strategy.

  • Buyer Committees Hold the Key to ABM Success

    B2B Marketer   February 5, 2020  

    To bolster their marketing strategy to purchasing committees, B2B brands must supply a constant stream of information and continually track who’s in (and who’s not) when it comes to closing a deal.

  • Lead Generation Benchmark Report

    Tools   February 1, 2020  

    In January and February of 2014, Demand Metric and Salesfusion partnered to better understand the current lead generation process.

  • B2B Demand Generation and Predictive Analytics Benchmark Report

    Tools   February 1, 2020  

    This report presents the current state of B2B demand generation, specifically gathering data to understand whether, and if so, and where predictive analytics can contribute to greater demand generation effectiveness.

  • Defining B2B Marketing Success in a Post-Digital Era

    B2B Marketer   November 27, 2019  

    Fast-emerging technologies are turning B2B marketers into data scientists — and enabling them to be more creative than ever before. Job one: striking a balance between automation and the human touch.

  • A Matter of Principle: The Disconnect Between Proven Marketing Tenets and Marketing Behavior

    Knowledge Partners   November 26, 2019  

    VAB offers 10 marketing principles that can drive both immediate and sustained brand growth.

  • Four Tips for Better B2B Brand Marketing

    B2B Marketer   November 20, 2019  

    With new research showing that B2B businesses that invest in long-term marketing strategies like branding significantly outperform their competitors, it is time for business marketers to take a cue from their B2C counterparts and take brand building seriously.


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