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  • The Truth About Modern Families in Ten Conversations

    Knowledge Partners   September 14, 2023  

    A summary of 10 conversations with participants from McCann Worldgroup’s Truth About Modern Families study, revealing key insights about the modern cultural landscape.

  • ANA SeeHer Global Perceptions of Progress In Gender Equality

    Webinar Rewinds   September 13, 2023  

    SeeHer and denstu have refreshed a landmark study to understand consumers' attitudes around the progress being made toward achieving gender equality and expanded its scope to include global markets. This webinar offers an assessment of the progress media and brands have made in accurate representation.

  • Interview with Matt Brutocao, VP of Barbie Global Brand Marketing at Mattel

    Industry Insights   September 12, 2023  

    Matt Brutocao (pictured above) is Vice President, Barbie Global Brand Marketing at Mattel, Inc. He will be a speaker at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, October 10-12 in Las Vegas. ANA Director Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives Karim Amadeo recently sat down with Matt for a pre-conference interview in which they discussed the Barbie Evolution, from social impact to dolls who represent all walks of life to this summer’s record-breaking theatrical release.

  • Guidelines for Getting Started When Investing with Diverse Media Companies

    Research Reports   September 6, 2023  

    The ANA and the 4A’s partnered on a new set of guidelines designed to help companies increase their investments in diverse media companies. The guidelines are intended to help those marketers who are interested in supporting diverse suppliers but are still sitting on the sidelines and not sure where to begin.

  • Black Executive CMO Alliance (BECA) Plays a Crucial Role Spurring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Champions of Growth Podcast   August 30, 2023  

    BECA's Jerri DeVard joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the apparent backsliding within the marketing and ad industries when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the danger for companies that give diversity short shrift and how CMOs and marketers develop new business models to build a more equitable workplace.

  • Why Do We Keep Having the Same Conversation Around DEI?

    Podcast Clips   August 30, 2023  

    Jerri DeVard, founder and board member at Black Executive CMO Alliance (BECA), takes the marketing industry to task for continuing to talk about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), but not putting action behind those conversations.

  • The Marketer’s Role in the Fight Against AI Bias

    Podcast POVs   August 22, 2023  

    This POV from Marketing Futures covers how marketers can combat AI bias through the development, deployment, and monitoring stages.

  • Indeed Amplifies Diversity in Film

    In-House Excellence Awards   August 13, 2023  

    Indeed's award-winning campaign redirected a national TV spot budget to fund ten short films by BIPOC directors, aiming to promote diversity and inclusivity in the film industry and empower underrepresented voices.

  • Do Marketers Actually Care About DEI?

    Podcast POVs   August 10, 2023  

    A recent report on diversity within the industry suggests that marketing is currently 20 years behind U.S. census data. With almost all meaningful metrics suggesting marketing is lagging behind the rest of society and perhaps even moving backwards, it has become fair to ask, "Do marketers actually care about DEI?"

  • Virtual Diversity Fair: Meet Hispanic-Owned Companies

    Conference Session Videos   August 3, 2023  

    The imperative to diversify the marketing supply chain comes with the challenge of identifying appropriate resources. August's Virtual Supplier Diversity Fair highlighted Hispanic-owned companies. Representatives shared overviews of their companies and the ways they can help grow your brand and drive business results.

  • This VR Experience from the IPC Enhanced Inclusion for People with Disabilities Brand: International Paralympic Committee

    Smarties Awards   July 24, 2023  

    To drive greater understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities, the International Paralympic Committee partnered with Meta and five Paralympians to share their stories of being a disabled athlete in an immersive VR experience on Oculus.

  • The Real Work on DEI Is Just Beginning

    Champions of Growth Podcast   June 14, 2023  

    Mediabrands' Diedre Small-Landau and Sheryl Daija from BRIDGE join host Matthew Schwartz to talk about where DEI currently stands throughout the marketing industry, what role CMOs and marketers need to play in driving real change, and why the time for philosophizing about DEI is long past its expiration date.

  • Here’s Some Practical Advice for Your Corporate DEI Initiative

    Podcast Clips   June 14, 2023  

    Sheryl Daija, founder and CEO of BRIDGE, and Deidre Smalls-Landau, EVP of business equity at Mediabrands, each share their perspective on how brands can take some practical steps forward and turn DEI from a high-minded philosophy to an everyday part of your company’s culture.

  • Spending on Diverse Suppliers, by the Numbers

    Money Slides   June 10, 2023  

    American Family Insurance shares data from the Financial Services Roundtable for Supplier Diversity that calculates how much money was spent in 2021 on diverse providers of services ranging from marketing to IT, from accounting to legal services, and how many jobs in each category were supported by the spending.

  • Diverse Ad Spend, by the Numbers

    Money Slides   June 9, 2023  

    The Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) calculates the amounts of advertising spending allocated to diverse-owned media outlets (DOMs) as well as to diverse-owned and -targeted media, then further breaks down each category of media by the specific minority group by which it is owned or that it targets.

  • Diverse-Owned and -Targeted Media, by the Numbers

    Money Slides   June 9, 2023  

    The Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) identifies the number of diverse-owned media outlets as well as the number of diverse-owned and -targeted media outlets, then further breaks down the proportion of each media category owned by or targeting specific minority groups.

  • Virtual Diversity Fair: Meet Women-Owned Companies

    Conference Session Videos   June 1, 2023  

    The imperative to diversify the marketing supply chain comes with the challenge of identifying appropriate resources. June's Virtual Supplier Diversity Fair highlighted Women-owned companies. Representatives shared overviews of their companies and the ways they can help grow brands and drive business results.

  • The Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why Around Supplier Diversity

    Event Recaps   May 25, 2023  

    Anisha Jackson from American Family Insurance discussed how the marketing industry can influence and impact supplier diversity and how the company has developed programs to identify, engage, and match diverse suppliers with marketing needs.

  • Increasing Equity and Impact Through Targeted and Diverse-Owned Media

    Webinar Rewinds   May 25, 2023  

    For decades, multicultural and inclusive segments have been severely under-invested through targeted mediums and content. In this webinar, speakers reviewed the current state of the industry and unveiled the industry ad spend allocation goals for 2025-2028 for linear TV, radio, and diverse-owned media.

  • Equitable AI: How to Create an AI Ethics Practice at Your Organization

    Event Recaps   May 24, 2023  

    Trey Causey, head of AI ethics and director of data science at Indeed, reviewed how his organization approaches AI ethics and provided practical advice for how your organization can launch its own responsible AI practice.