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  • These B2B Companies Highlighted & Empowered Women

    Industry Insights   October 4, 2023  

    Empowering women to open businesses, play sports, pursue a passion, and feel good in their bodies are not necessarily things you expect a B2B company to do. However, the latest B2 Awards showcase campaigns that undertake such important work. Below are some award-winning campaigns that are making changes for the better.

  • The Latest on Talent & Employee Trends

    Industry Insights   September 13, 2023  

    On behalf of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Morning Consult surveyed over 2,000 adults to glean insights on how state policies and organizational social advocacy impacts employee’s willingness to relocate for work or stay with their organization.

  • Interview with Matt Brutocao, VP of Barbie Global Brand Marketing at Mattel

    Industry Insights   September 12, 2023  

    Matt Brutocao (pictured above) is Vice President, Barbie Global Brand Marketing at Mattel, Inc. He will be a speaker at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, October 10-12 in Las Vegas. ANA Director Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives Karim Amadeo recently sat down with Matt for a pre-conference interview in which they discussed the Barbie Evolution, from social impact to dolls who represent all walks of life to this summer’s record-breaking theatrical release.

  • WeChat 101: A Primer on China’s Most-Used Social Media App

    Money Slides   September 11, 2023  

    Tony Au, of multicultural marketing agency Ethnicity Matters, identifies the key features of WeChat’s platform and advertising ecosystem.

  • Hispanic Horizons: Transforming Brands and Empowering Growth

    B2 Awards   September 8, 2023  

    TelevisaUnivision's annual "Leading the Change" event, spanning over a decade, has empowered brands to embrace the Hispanic market with cutting-edge insights, inspiring narratives, and expert guidance, ultimately shaping TelevisaUnivision as a beacon of thought leadership in the realm of Hispanic marketing.

  • Observing Hispanic Heritage Month

    Industry Insights   September 7, 2023  

    The period from September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month, a time for celebrating, with a special attentiveness, the achievements of Hispanics and for elevating the causes that are most important to their communities. Of course, this isn’t work that can be confined to a single month, and, in recognition of that fact, the 2022 Multicultural Excellence Awards honored marketing to and on behalf of the Hispanic community that took place across the year.

  • Marketing to Hispanics

    ASK Answers   September 7, 2023  

    How can my brand effectively market to Hispanics?

  • Hispanic Marketing and Language Preference

    ASK Answers   September 7, 2023  

    Do Hispanic consumers prefer what language they see advertising in?

  • Understanding the U.S. Chinese Consumers Digital Habits

    Event Recaps   September 7, 2023  

    With more than 2.3 million users in the U.S., Chinese consumers have unique cultural preferences, speak different languages, and often have digital and shopping habits that are distinct from the general population.

  • How Mastercard Helped Black Female Small Business Owners

    B2 Awards   September 5, 2023  

    Mastercard’s campaign targeted U.S. card issuers and financial institutions that focus on small businesses and small business owners. Through proprietary research-driven insights, Mastercard solidified and grew its issuer partnerships and brought in fintech partners to strengthen perceptions among small business owners.

  • TelevisaUnivision Wins Upfront Event with an Outstanding Immersive Experience

    B2 Awards   September 5, 2023  

    TelevisaUnivision became the hit of an important Upfront event by creating an immersive, multi-sensory experience that not only entertained participants but also smartly highlighted the value of Spanish-language advertising.

  • Defining Health and Wellness, and the Barriers to Change

    Knowledge Partners   September 5, 2023  

    For the first report of THE 3RD EYE’s Focal Point Series, the agency focused on the evolving landscape of health and wellness. The report aims to help healthcare brands understand these changes and the barriers consumers face, such as access to care and lifestyle choices, in order to build trust and adapt to new needs.

  • The Hispanic Market Is Not a Monolith, but It Is Collective

    Knowledge Partners   August 29, 2023  

    This report from Adsmovil aims to demystify the complex and diverse Hispanic market, focusing on their digital behavior, influencing power, and brand preferences.

  • Catering to Hispanic Communities Means Overcoming Stereotypes

    ANA Magazine   August 25, 2023  

    Marketing to Hispanic consumers requires that brands heavily research the distinctive factors that matter most to them. Influencers can help brands connect with the various communities, as well as cultural elements like music and humor, but it's important to consult market experts to ensure the campaign is effective.

  • The Coolest & Most Unique Award-Winning Smarties Campaigns

    Industry Insights   August 22, 2023  

    Sometimes, you see a commercial or video clip that warms your heart, makes you laugh, brings tears to your eyes, and/or may feel like a punch to the gut. Sometimes, all these things happen at the same time. Portraying real people and their stories, or highlighting an underrepresented perspective or issue, can change people’s lives.

  • Virtual Diversity Fair: Meet Hispanic-Owned Companies

    Conference Session Videos   August 3, 2023  

    The imperative to diversify the marketing supply chain comes with the challenge of identifying appropriate resources. August's Virtual Supplier Diversity Fair highlighted Hispanic-owned companies. Representatives shared overviews of their companies and the ways they can help grow your brand and drive business results.

  • DEI in Creative

    ASK Answers   July 26, 2023  

    How can I ensure my creative output is using inclusive language and visuals?

  • Ancestry Partners with Paramount to Uncover African American Family History, Once Thought Lost

    Smarties Awards   July 24, 2023  

    Ancestry showcased its ability to uncover the family histories of Black Americans with a moving, long-form film with widespread digital distribution.

  • The Brands Leaning into Gaming

    Industry Insights   July 19, 2023  

    Brands are often trying to find new ways to connect to younger generations. One effective way to connect with millennials and generations Z and alpha is through the world of gaming. Gaming is a connector across various demographics and cultures — and can bring families together through activities. For brands, this approach is also an opportunity to create experiential moments and personalized content in ways that are fun and exciting.

  • How a Values-Based DTC Diaper Brand Has Taken the Industry by Storm

    Conference Highlights   July 19, 2023  

    Hello Bello has grown its community online by listening to, supporting, and celebrating diverse voices.