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  • Pharma Marketing 101: Five Things Every Health Care Marketer Should Know

    Knowledge Partners   April 14, 2022  

    The pharmaceutical industry is unique with its own set of regulations and considerations marketers must learn to navigate. With more than 20 years of health care agency experience, Carrie Craigmyle, DeepIntent’s SVP of Strategy, shares five things every health care marketer needs to know.

  • Leveling Up Diabetes Care

    ECHO Awards   March 29, 2022  

    Level2 deployed a highly personalized direct mail and digital media campaign to encourage people to try its Continuous Glucose Monitor device, which would help them get their type 2 diabetes under control.

  • The Pot Market Is Blazing New Trails

    ANA Magazine   May 28, 2021  

    A growing number of states are moving toward legalizing recreational use of marijuana and publishers are getting more accepting of cannabis-themed advertising. Nevertheless, achieving scale will likely be a long slog for brands that want to join the fray. For clues as to how cannabis might eventually emerge as an everyday product, marketers should take a closer look at the CBD space.

  • The Brand-Led Effort Driving COVID-19 Vaccinations

    ANA Magazine   March 24, 2021  

    More than 300 brands are participating in the Ad Council's COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative, rolling out various advertising campaigns that urge people to get vaccinated and address those who are reluctant to get the shot.

  • One Bite Is All It Takes

    ECHO Awards   March 2, 2020  

    Pfizer set out to increase awareness of Tick-Borne Encephalitis and the repercussions of the virus carried by ticks.

  • Innovating in a "Gold Rush" Market with Lisa Hurwitz of Grassroots Cannabis

    Marketing Futures   October 1, 2019  

    In what's almost certainly the first podcast ever recorded from inside an "Herbmobile," we talk to Grassroots Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Lisa Hurwitz. This heady discussion covers the mindset behind growing a brand for the long term in a "gold rush" market and the challenges of reeducating the population on cannabis.

  • HHS Litigation Update

    Event Recaps   July 24, 2019  

    The ANA won a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the new rule requiring pharmaceutical television ads to feature list prices.

  • Global Marketing Updates: Advertising Regulations

    Session Videos   March 15, 2018  

    In this video, regional experts shared updates on regulatory developments affecting advertisers in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

  • Global Marketing Updates: Advertising Regulations

    Event Recaps   March 15, 2018  

    Regional experts shared updates on regulatory developments affecting advertisers in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

  • Washington Update

    Event Recaps   January 25, 2018  

    Dan Jaffe of ANA provided an update on what’s next in the New Year from the Trump Administration and Congress