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  • Strengthening Black Entry Level Talent Representation Across the Marketing and Advertising Ecosystem

    CMO Content   February 1, 2023  

    ANA’s Global Growth Council convened to discuss the importance of strengthening black entry-level talent across the marketing and advertising industry, and share ideas on how to drive change.

  • A Movement to Reduce Online Hate

    Beyond Profit   January 31, 2023  

    In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Anita McGorty, who leads Engage Responsibly as executive vice president at the ANA, joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss why humanity is under attack online and what we can do about it.

  • 7 Tips for Communicating Brand Purpose

    Industry Insights   January 30, 2023  

    In a previous installment of Industry Insights, I shared some tips for defining a company’s brand purpose that guests on the Beyond Profit podcast have offered. While that process can be mysterious and daunting, so too can be the process of conveying to the wider world one’s purpose and one’s efforts toward its fulfillment. Fortunately, Beyond Profit has insights to impart on this matter as well, and seven tips offered by guests of the podcast follow below.

  • Retailers Require New Resources for Success in the Privacy-Centric World

    Industry Insights   January 27, 2023  

    For the last 20 years, marketers and advertisers have reached their target audiences on terms set by third parties. Google’s vast display networks, enabled by cookies, defined what we knew as digital advertising. Facebook took it one step further maximizing user-submitted, deterministic data, harvesting it for hyper targeting on and off the platform. It was a gold rush of sorts, with entire segments of the industry born out of the indisputable dominance of the two.

  • How Marketers Avoid Potholes in the Road Ahead

    ANA Magazine   January 27, 2023  

    The last year was a whirlwind for marketers and 2023 is expected to be no different. In addition to a potential recession — and consumers being more selective with their spending — brands will have to grapple with the ongoing chaos at Twitter following Elon Musk's $44 billion acquisition of the beleaguered social network and the political divide in the U.S. that shows few signs of letting up.

  • Q&A: How to Develop Recession-Proof Marketing

    Knowledge Partners   January 26, 2023  

    ANA CEO Bob Liodice offers four ways that marketers can recession-proof their marketing strategies, along with other insights to help them prepare for challenging economic times.

  • 2023 ANA Policy Preview for Advertisers

    Industry Insights   January 25, 2023  

    The year was 1864, and the Confederate harbor of Mobile Bay was heavily fortified with “torpedoes” (i.e., sea mines). Despite warnings from his crew, Union Admiral David Farragut charged ahead, issuing his famous order, “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead,” an act of courage that resulted in his victory. That about sums up what advertisers must do to succeed in the perilous policy waters of 2023.

  • Best Practices for Portraying People with Disabilities in Advertising

    Ask the Expert Answers   January 24, 2023  

    How are brands depicting and including individuals with disabilities in their communications?

  • 9 Tips for Defining Brand Purpose

    Industry Insights   January 23, 2023  

    Brand purpose has become increasingly critical to how a company differentiates itself, appeals to consumers, and, perhaps most importantly of all, attains a goal loftier than simply making a profit. However, the process of defining a given organization’s unique purpose can be baffling for those undertaking it.

  • It’s Time to Clean Up Purpose Washing

    Podcast POVs   January 20, 2023  

    Beyond Profit podcast host Ken Beaulieu offers tips for marketers on how to avoid getting pulled into the purpose-washing trap.

  • The FTC’s Updates to the Green Guides

    Event Recaps   January 19, 2023  

    Designed by the FTC to offer guidance on the use of environmental marketing claims, the “Green Guides” are shortly set to be revised, and the FTC is seeking public comments. Law firm Reed Smith’s John Feldman provided an overview of some of the areas on which the FTC is seeking those comments.

  • Going Dark: The Consequences of Pausing Ad Spend

    Ask the Expert Answers   January 18, 2023  

    What happens if I pause or stop my ad spending due to extraordinary times?

  • Diversity in Ad Creative: Gender, Age, Race, and Ethnicity Benchmarks

    Knowledge Partners   January 18, 2023  

    This report from Extreme Reach leverages AI and machine learning, supported by human quality check, to scan and analyze ads across a range of diversity categories. The results provide the marketing industry DEI benchmarks, enabling the ability to set goals and more easily adopt accessibility practices within advertising.

  • 6 Award-Winning Campaigns Promoting Gender Equality

    Industry Insights   January 18, 2023  

    Ads that connect people to each other, and themselves, set an example and standard for all brands to show an array of how different people live. Creating and fostering inclusivity, instead of showing sameness, is a brand strategy that isn’t just about business, but human progress.

  • Three Things Healthcare Agencies Need to Understand About Digital Advertising

    Knowledge Partners   January 17, 2023  

    The digital advertising landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and a holistic approach to executing campaigns is a must. DeepIntent’s Chief Strategy Officer Jennifer Werther shares three tips marketers at healthcare agencies can keep in mind for the future.

  • The Award-Winning Campaigns Highlighting Sustainable Practices

    Industry Insights   January 17, 2023  

    The 2022 Multicultural Excellence Awards showcase and highlight campaigns that do just this. Below are some award-winning campaigns that shine a light on sustainability practices.

  • Looking Into Marketing Futures

    Champions of Growth   January 17, 2023  

    In a special episode of Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz sits down with his colleague Mike Berberich, host of the ANA’s Marketing Futures podcast, to talk about some of the major challenges facing CMOs and marketers in 2023 and beyond.

  • 4 Award-Winning Campaigns That Spoke to People with Disabilities

    Industry Insights   January 13, 2023  

    Ads that connect people to each other, and themselves, set an example and standard for all brands to show an array of how different people live. Creating and fostering inclusivity, instead of showing sameness, is a brand strategy that isn’t just about business, but human progress.

  • HRC: The Reality Flag for the LGBTQ+ Community

    Event Recaps   January 12, 2023  

    The HRC created “The Reality Flag,” an American flag with 29 stars stripped away — a stark symbol that exposes reality for LGBTQ+ Americans. Hear how this award-winning work came to be and lessons learned.

  • Fostering a Safe Work Culture for LGBTQ+ Talent

    Event Recaps   January 12, 2023  

    Come Out to Work is raising awareness in the advertising, marketing, and communications industry by encouraging leaders to create work cultures where LGBTQ+ talent feel comfortable being out in the workplace.