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  • Retail Media Networks: A Forced Marriage or Perfect Partnership?

    Research Reports   January 30, 2023  

    According to eMarketer 2022 was “the year of retail media networks." The ANA fielded a landmark survey of our members’ usage, attitudes, and future intentions regarding RMNs, followed by qualitative interviews with senior marketer members to gain additional learning, insights, and context.

  • The Four Stages of Relationship Marketing

    Knowledge Partners   January 18, 2023  

    Cheetah Digital explores the four stages of establishing a relationship marketing strategy.

  • Let’s Extend the Season of Togetherness into 2023 Planning

    Industry Insights   December 20, 2022  

    According to Bombora Company Surge, during the past 90 days, interest in marketing strategy and digital strategy increased more than any single marketing topic across business services, construction, and manufacturing.

  • With a Potential Recession Looming, Brands Want More Data

    Industry Insights   December 7, 2022  

    The economy has been flirting with a full-blown recession for months, a fear that continues to influence business decision-makers. While the obvious signs, such as hiring freezes and employment stats, get splashed across the media, other indicators are more subtle, and potentially more helpful.

  • Brands Still Relying on Cookies This Holiday Season Are Lagging Behind

    Industry Insights   November 30, 2022  

    Google keeps pushing back its date for the so-called “cookie apocalypse.” But if you’re a retailer hoping to prosper in the 2022 holiday season, that doesn’t matter one bit. If you’re still relying on third-party cookies, you might be as doomed from a long-term perspective as the cookie itself.

  • Why So Much Data Ends up Sitting in a Vacuum

    ANA Magazine   November 18, 2022  

    Marketers continue to be dogged by all the data they collect. Nearly two-thirds of marketers lack confidence in their data analytics and insights systems, a new survey reveals. Building (and sustaining) cross-functional teams encompassing both marketing and technology is key to remedying the situation.

  • Unifying Marketing Performance Data for Faster, Smarter Decision Making

    Webinars   November 17, 2022  

    In this webinar, Andy Hasselwander, Chief Analytics Officer at MarketBridge, discussed the best practices for building and maintaining reproducible, unified marketing performance data to better diagnose issues and predict outcomes and progress on marketing goals.

  • How Principal Financial Group Successfully Uses Behavioral Science

    Webinars   November 9, 2022  

    In this webinar, discover how Principal Financial Group applies data and behavioral science to the strategy and creative in their integrated campaigns and see how this helps them trigger automatic, decision-making shortcuts from their targets, increasing the likelihood they’ll engage and respond.

  • Navigating Legal Risks and the Effective Use of Outside Counsel

    Event Recaps   November 9, 2022  

    A panel featuring in-house counsel for Whole Foods and Hertz and outside counsel discussed the struggle between successful marketing and the risk of class action lawsuits, providing real world examples of what their brands and law practices are doing to keep brands out of hot water.

  • Understanding and Navigating the New Identifier Solution Landscape as Technology and Policy Requirements Change

    Webinars   November 2, 2022  

    In this webinar, the DAA's Lou Mastria provided an update on how the leading self-regulatory program for responsible data collection in advertising is adapting to governance changes and discussed the evolution of the new identifier solution landscape incorporating addressability.

  • Optimize Your Reach with Audience-Based Frequency Capping

    Industry Insights   October 11, 2022  

    Consumers are hanging on to their pandemic streaming habits. This elevates connected TV (CTV) as a critical channel for reach – which, it turns out, is just in time for the rebound of many marketers getting back into the market.

  • Enabling the Future Enterprise

    Event Recaps   October 4, 2022  

    Acxiom explored the impact of the depreciation of third-party data and the emerging trends brands are employing to identify their most valued consumers and prospects.

  • How and Why Brands Need to Up Their Influencer Game

    Industry Insights   September 29, 2022  

    Influencer marketing is no longer in its infancy. Globally, it now feels like it’s going through its messy teenage years but is quickly moving toward maturity. One sign is the shift from campaign-based influencer interactions to fully-fledged always-on influencer programs.

  • Data: Seeing the Big Picture

    Industry Insights   September 27, 2022  

    Effectively gathering and quantifying consumer data is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s market. Huge quantities of data can be amassed at dizzying speeds, and the amount of campaign information accessible to marketers has grown at an exponential rate. Between 2010 and 2020, the amount of data utilized by marketers increased from 1.2 trillion gigabytes to 59 trillion gigabytes, according to Forbes. However this statistic does not take into account the ways in which that data was communicated.

  • Challenger Brands

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 20, 2022  

    How do challenger brands succeed in becoming competitive leaders?

  • Choosing Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 14, 2022  

    How do I select the right CDP for my business?

  • The Future of Big Data: A People-Powered Panel

    Conference Sessions   September 14, 2022  

    It takes a unique mix of people-powered measurement and big data science to truly deliver an accurate and unbiased representation of viewers. In this video, learn how only panels composed of real people can calibrate big data, rooting out the inherent bias of big data sources, ensuring every voice is heard.

  • Pursuing First-Party Data and Capitalizing on the Value of Direct Mail

    Conference Sessions   September 9, 2022  

    In this video, McCann offered marketers guidance on how to adopt a first-party data strategy, while capitalizing on the power of direct mail in the process.

  • How Mediacom and Walgreens Leveraged Data to Build Vaccine Trust

    Event Recaps   September 9, 2022  

    Walgreens described the proprietary COVID-19 vaccination readiness model it developed with Mediacom to drive vaccination appointments.

  • Pursuing First-Party Data and Capitalizing on the Value of Direct Mail

    Event Recaps   September 9, 2022  

    McCann offered marketers guidance on how to adopt a first-party data strategy, while capitalizing on the power of direct mail in the process.