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  • How to Maximize Your Healthcare Brand's Success with Less Budget

    Industry Insights   September 27, 2023  

    Artificial intelligence (AI), with its ability to consume and organize massive amounts of data, offers us an unparalleled and unbiased view into how an organization stands in the world. New AI platforms can offer competitive insights on how your organization and your competitors are discussed in news, blogs, forums, and social and owned channels. They can analyze trends, brands, behavior, sentiment, and channels at scale.

  • First-, Second-, Third-, and Zero-Party Data Explained

    Money Slides   September 27, 2023  

    Porch Media Group Breaks down the distinguishing features of the different forms of data that marketers can avail themselves of and identifies their pros and cons.

  • A Guide to Data Clean Rooms

    Industry Insights   September 20, 2023  

    The demise of third-party cookies is on the horizon and data privacy regulations are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, brands are looking for new ways to gain insights and understand consumer behavior.

  • Marketers Need to Be More Selective With the Data They Use

    ANA Magazine   September 20, 2023  

    Marketers continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of data they collect. A big part of the problem is that companies tend to acquire technology without thinking about the specific marketing goals and objectives for which the resulting data will be used. To tame the tech stack, CMOs and their teams need to do a better job of planning and figure out what the end game for the data is well before executing.

  • B2B Data & Analytics

    ASK Answers   September 20, 2023  

    How are B2B marketers leveraging data and analytics in their marketing efforts?

  • Worried About the End of the Cookie? Turn to Your Own Data

    Industry Insights   September 18, 2023  

    As we countdown to our last year with browser cookies, many marketers are still concerned about achieving marketing performance in a post-cookie world.

  • A Major Shift Is Coming to the Digital Ad Industry: Are You Prepared?

    Industry Insights   September 13, 2023  

    The foundational business model of the ad-supported internet, which revolves around offering free content in exchange for behavioral tracking, is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Over the past two decades, the focus of digital advertising has been on targeting individuals to deliver increasingly personalized and relevant ads. This has created a vast and intricate infrastructure for tracking people's online behavior.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Uncover the Value in Data to Grow Your Business

    Webinar Rewinds   September 7, 2023  

    In this webinar, learn about Audience Learning Labs, which provide brands a unique privacy compliant, scalable solution to identify prospective clients, enhance personalization and engage people with relevant customer experiences that are consistent with the brand.

  • First Party Data — The Silver Bullet in Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

    Webinar Rewinds   September 6, 2023  

    In this webinar, Michelle Taves, CEO of Porch Group Media and Luci Rainey, former marketing executive of Comcast and PODS, shared insights into the evolving marketing and data landscape, how first-party data can power your competitive advantage in 2024, and more.

  • How to Combat "Made for Advertising" Sites

    Industry Insights   August 31, 2023  

    In June, the ANA released a preview of its Programmatic Transparency Study, which reported that 15 percent of advertiser budgets are going to garbage sites. We are 20 years into this thing, so why does this keep happening?

  • How Marketers Can Fight Ad Fraud to Drive Results

    Industry Insights   August 24, 2023  

    The first look of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study found brands may be wasting much of their programmatic advertising campaign budgets on low-quality or fraudulent media.

  • Cross-Media Measurement in a Digital-First Landscape

    Event Recaps   August 22, 2023  

    Nielsen's Jamie Moldafsky discussed how the road ahead for CMOs will require transformative thinking based on data and solutions that are both trusted and channel agnostic.

  • Developing a Consumer Data Strategy: Leveraging Data Clean Rooms, Retail Media Networks, and AI

    Event Recaps   August 22, 2023  

    The ANA’s 2023 Data, Analytics, and Measurement Conference convened a panel of experts from Kimberly-Clark and the nonprofit programmatic platform TRUSTX who shared insights on a variety of topics, ranging from consumer data to retail media networks to data clean rooms.

  • Developing a Consumer Data Strategy: Leveraging Data Clean Rooms, Retail Media Networks, and AI

    Conference Highlights   August 22, 2023  

    Kimberly-Clark expects to drive advantaged growth with a pseudonymized data environment.

  • B2B Marketers Embrace Intent Data

    B2B Marketer   August 16, 2023  

    Intent data — which gathers clues that indicate whether individuals or companies might have an interest in a product, service, category, or topic — is giving marketers more confidence about communicating the value of their data-driven marketing programs to decision-makers.

  • Leveraging Zero-Party Data

    ASK Answers   August 16, 2023  

    How does zero-party data help marketers connect with consumers?

  • Four Pillars of Holistic Personalization in the Age of AI and ChatGPT

    Webinar Rewinds   August 2, 2023  

    Even with an ample amount of data armed with advanced segmentation and targeting technologies, holistic personalization has been a difficult goal to achieve for most marketers. In this webinar, learn how AI technology can help make this a reality.

  • Customer Data and Privacy Enhanced to Grow Your Business

    Event Recaps   August 1, 2023  

    Amazon Web Services discussed the use cases for developing a 360-degree view of customers.

  • Know Your Audience: Converting Anonymous Users in a Cookie-Free World

    Webinar Rewinds   July 26, 2023  

    In this webinar, learn how Ogilvy has partnered with ANA to help marketers adapt and succeed in today's rapidly changing landscape by leveraging their most value asset — customer data. Get information you'll need to not only survive in tomorrow's cookie-free world, but also to beat your competition.

  • Shocking Millennial Marketing Statistics & Trends in 2023

    Industry Insights   July 25, 2023  

    Millennials grew up in a time of rapid technological advancements and globalization. They are often referred to as digital natives, as they were the first to fully embrace and adapt to the digital revolution. Further, millennials are highly connected through social media and smartphones — and their tech-savviness has reshaped communication, entertainment, and even industries like retail and marketing.