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  • Postal Rates and Data Privacy — Summer Heat for Top Issues

    Public Videos   August 27, 2021  

    One of ANA’s top legislative goals impacting nonprofits is getting a national standard for data privacy.

  • The Current State of Addressability

    Session Videos   August 18, 2021  

    In this session, industry experts provide an update PRAM, an important initiative to advance and protect critical functionalities like customization and analytics for digital media and advertising, while safeguarding privacy and improving consumer experience.

  • Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media: Community Update

    Webinars   August 6, 2021  

    In this webinar, get an update on the recent industry and regulatory developments regarding the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM) and learn about its progress as it relates to Policy Principles and Technical Standards for Addressable Media Identifiers.

  • Effective Media Management: The Keys to Brand Growth

    Session Videos   June 17, 2021  

    ANA CEO Bob Liodice shared his thoughts on media initiatives underway in the industry, such as PRAM, CMM, GARM, and TAG. He also discussed what the ANA and advertisers are doing to embrace change, unlock pathways to growth, and shape the media industry to the benefit of those who fund it, the advertisers.

  • Media KPIs That Matter

    Public Videos   June 17, 2021  

    ANA’s Media Leadership Growth Council is identifying which KPIs are most important in gauging business growth.

  • The ANA Media Leadership Growth Council

    Session Videos   June 17, 2021  

    In this video, learn about the Media Leadership Growth Council agenda and priorities, the work being done, and how client-side media leaders can get involved with this important advertiser initiative.

  • Advertisers Must Get on the Right Side of Privacy

    Forward   June 10, 2021  

    Brands and organizations already know that walled gardens have exploited and distorted privacy for their own ends. On the open web, the choice is up to marketers whether they’ll do the same. Cutting corners and seeking loopholes around privacy principles will only further undermine consumer trust.

  • Privacy for America — An Update

    Event Recaps   June 9, 2021  

    Venable's Rob Hartwell discusses the latest on the advertising industry's Privacy for America effort to lobby for comprehensive federal privacy legislation before the end of the current Congress.

  • Brands and Sustainability

    Ask the Expert Answers   June 8, 2021  

    How are brands embracing and promoting sustainability?

  • Dark Patterns and Ethical Marketing Practices

    Industry Insights   May 29, 2021  

    Dark patterns are defined as web design tricks some companies use to intentionally confuse and take advantage of consumers — i.e., pop-ups with tiny X’s that make a window hard to close and subscriptions with hidden fees that a person cannot cancel without making a lengthy customer service call.

  • Supplier Diversity

    Ask the Expert Answers   May 4, 2021  

    How are brands ensuring diversity among their suppliers and partners?

  • Stop Asian Hate: Why Now and How Best to Respond as an Industry

    Webinars   April 21, 2021  

    Since the pandemic started, there have been more than 3,000 incidents of hate reported by the community organization Stop AAPI Hate. In this webinar, Elliot Lum at the ANA examined why this is happening now and how the industry can respond to address these incidents of hate.

  • Diversity in Marketing

    Ask the Expert Answers   April 20, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How can I make sure my brand is inclusive and represents diverse audiences?"

  • Diversity Inside the Organization

    Ask the Expert Answers   April 14, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How can I ensure my organization embraces diverse and inclusive talent?"

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative Playbook

    Knowledge Partners   April 7, 2021  

    An open source playbook for media and creative partners to learn about the insights behind the “It’s Up to You” Ad Council and COVID Collaborative initiative. It also includes creative and branding guidelines for partners to adapt the campaign elements to their content and audiences.

  • How Brands, Agencies, and Their Partners Can Green the Bid and Make Advertising Sustainable

    Event Recaps   April 6, 2021  

    Representatives of the Green the Bid initiative described the organization’s work on behalf of sustainable production and what brands and agencies can do to support the effort.

  • The Verizon Adfellows Program: Galvanizing the Industry around Diverse Talent

    Webinars   March 17, 2021  

    In this webinar, Deirdre Robinson shared how Verizon's Adfellows program was developed, how companies can get involved in this fellowship, and how they can join other major organizations build a diverse talent pipeline.

  • Recruiting Entry-Level Diverse Talent: What You Can Learn from Brands, Agencies, and Publishers

    Webinars   March 10, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn about a new study that called on advertising trade associations to work together to ensure a healthy inflow of diverse talent in the industry as well as best practices to retain this talent.

  • How Consumers Feel About Face Masks in Advertising

    Ask the Expert Answers   March 10, 2021  

    A year into the pandemic, how have marketers handled the issue of using face masks in ads, and how do consumers feel about them?

  • The Future of Events Is Hybrid

    Ask the Expert Answers   February 24, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “After many organizations turned to virtual events, what does the future hold for in-person attendance?"