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  • Best Practices for Portraying People with Disabilities in Advertising

    Ask the Expert Answers   January 24, 2023  

    How are brands depicting and including individuals with disabilities in their communications?

  • The Metaverse Doesn’t Exist…Yet

    Podcast POVs   January 20, 2023  

    Marketing Futures podcast host Mike Berberich explains why the metaverse doesn’t exist yet and provides advice for marketers still grappling with the metaverse concept.

  • Operationalizing Marketing Innovation

    Event Recaps   January 18, 2023  

    Brendon Derr of Onward Imagine and Jennifer Krempa of LeapPoint offered some high-level advice to marketing operations professionals for how they can use their expertise to help drive innovation for their organizations.

  • Technology Is Transforming Advertising: CES Just Showed Us How

    Industry Insights   January 18, 2023  

    Welcome to the future. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is this year’s most influential electronics and technology event. This event brought in over 100,000 attendees and 3,200 exhibitors, representing over 174 different countries.

  • ChatGPT: Effects on Search and Usefulness for Marketers

    Pulse   January 18, 2023  

    If your team has been looking for a way to use AI more to support creative strategy, ChatGPT may actually be helpful for you. While it may seem counterintuitive to have an AI chatbot enhance creativity, the technology can help gather data, research, use the dialogue to plan campaigns and meetings, headlines, key words, copy, and images.

  • Pivoting for Growth: As Uncertainty Looms, Brands Find Footing in Personalization

    Knowledge Partners   January 12, 2023  

    To find a footing in this multi-generational, multicultural, and multi-socioeconomic world, brands must be prepared to change course in driving engagement, participation, and, ultimately, sales.

  • Breakthrough Strategies for the Metaverse

    Webinars   January 11, 2023  

    More than 20 retail brands launched into the gaming metaverse in 2022. Join executives from SuperAwesome (part of Epic Games) and PMG in this session to explore how leading retail brands are blurring the lines between virtual and real-life worlds — and how others can do the same.

  • New Stage for B2B Advertising?

    Champions of Growth   January 9, 2023  

    Jim Habig, VP of Marketing at Linkedin Marketing Solutions, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about how B2B ad creative is changing, why there is less and less daylight between B2B and B2C marketing playbooks, and the kind of content B2B buyers are looking for when they go into purchasing mode.

  • What Publishers Need to Know About the Metaverse

    Pulse   January 3, 2023  

    The metaverse is being presented as an exciting opportunity for brands and consumers alike, and while some consider it an exciting future, there are likely more challenges ahead than real and sustainable business and content models.

  • Vaseline’s See My Skin Campaign Was a Success

    Multicultural Excellence Awards   December 16, 2022  

    As the brand that exists to give everybody healthy skin, Vaseline approached the lack of diversity in dermatological imagery not just as a user experience problem, but as an equity issue. The brand set out to raise awareness of the racially biased systems that impact algorithmic search, provide proper representation and access to equal care, and most of all, help Black and Hispanic people be seen.

  • Sound It Out

    Multicultural Excellence Awards   December 16, 2022  

    Ad Council began by pairing kids and caregivers with Black and Latino recording artists and asked them to sit together for intimate conversation sessions, guided by mental health professionals. Over a period of several weeks, the artists transformed the kids’ feelings and anxieties into both the lyrics and melodies of new songs.

  • Year End Roundup, with Matthew Schwartz of the ANA Champions of Growth Podcast

    Marketing Futures Podcast   December 16, 2022  

    Matthew Schwartz, host of ANA's Champions of Growth Podcast, joins the Marketing Futures Podcast to review the year that was.

  • Pinterest Predicts 2023: Greetings from the Future

    Webinars   December 15, 2022  

    Pinterest trends aren’t just predictive — they spike earlier, last longer, and inspire more audiences than trends anywhere else on the internet. In this webinar, find out how Pinterest trends will help you get ahead of the curve to win big with your audience in 2023.

  • Creative Distinction: B2B’s New Competitive Advantage

    Conference Sessions   December 14, 2022  

    This session explores how, in a world awash with brands seeking to push their data and digital credentials, ZS developed a powerful creative approach by using AI to achieve brand distinction above and beyond category convention.

  • How Google Made Its Camera More Inclusive

    Multicultural Excellence Awards   December 11, 2022  

    Historically, camera technology hasn’t accurately represented darker skin tones. Camera and image technology have centered light skin — a bias that's crept into many products, even today. This is why Google set out to design its most inclusive camera, with a strong focus on people with darker skin tones.

  • How Mastercard Foundry Has Successfully Systematized Business Innovation

    Podcast Clips   December 9, 2022  

    Mastercard’s Cindy Chastain explains how Mastercard Foundry drives innovation for the Mastercard brand by relying on a collective of experts that is tasked with focusing on the future and determining areas rife with innovation opportunities across the company and the market at large.

  • Driving Innovation from Within, with Cindy Chastain of Mastercard Foundry

    Marketing Futures Podcast   December 9, 2022  

    Cindy Chastain, SVP of Customer Experience & Design at Mastercard Foundry, took us behind the scenes of the Foundry, the brand’s internal innovation engine.

  • Ask a Futurist

    Event Recaps   December 8, 2022  

    At a December 2022 meeting of the ANA Marketing Futures Committee, futurist Brian David Johnson described his approach to forecasting.

  • NFTs & Marketing

    Ask the Expert Answers   December 6, 2022  

    How can brands use NFTs in their marketing strategies?

  • Get in the Game, with Jonathan Stringfield of Activision Blizzard

    Marketing Futures Podcast   December 2, 2022  

    Jonathan Stringfield, VP of Global Business Research & Marketing at Activision Blizzard, joined the pod to discuss his recent book, Get in the Game, which lays out the cultural and economic importance of gaming.