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  • ANA Global CMO Growth Council Quarterly Progress Update — Talent Working Team

    CMO Content   March 9, 2023  

    The CMO Growth Council met to discuss elevating the marketing work force to keep pace with marketing’s transformation.

  • Is Your Retention Problem Actually a Branding Problem?

    Knowledge Partners   February 17, 2023  

    With a rapidly shifting job market, businesses are hard-pressed to figure out how to better engage and retain top talent within their organizations. Is employer branding the key to improving retention rates and ensuring a more stable staff?

  • Quiet Quitting Doesn’t Exist — People Just Want Meaning in Their Work

    Podcast Clips   February 14, 2023  

    Afdhel Aziz, founder and chief purpose officer at Conspiracy of Love, says what is referred to as “quiet quitting” is actually people simply waking up to the fact that doing something that feels important to them is crucial to living a more fulfilling life.

  • Onboarding Strategies to Make a Lasting Impression

    Knowledge Partners   January 9, 2023  

    Customer onboarding is the process of introducing your customers to your brand, products, and values—all while reinforcing the benefits of engaging with your brand. It should demonstrate how the brand can help customers solve a problem, reach a goal, or enhance their life.

  • Diversity Disconnect Research — The Black Student Perspective

    Event Recaps   October 11, 2022  

    As part of efforts to bridge the diversity gap, the ANA Educational Foundation hired Egg Strategy to conduct research to identify and understand the experiences that can create greater connections between the marketing/advertising industry and Black/African American emerging talent.