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  • Marketing to Generation Alpha

    ASK Answers   September 14, 2023  

    How can brands connect with gen Alpha?

  • The Truth About Modern Families in Ten Conversations

    Knowledge Partners   September 14, 2023  

    A summary of 10 conversations with participants from McCann Worldgroup’s Truth About Modern Families study, revealing key insights about the modern cultural landscape.

  • ANA SeeHer Global Perceptions of Progress in Gender Equality

    Webinar Rewinds   September 13, 2023  

    SeeHer and denstu have refreshed a landmark study to understand consumers' attitudes around the progress being made toward achieving gender equality and expanded its scope to include global markets. This webinar offers an assessment of the progress media and brands have made in accurate representation.

  • Interview with Matt Brutocao, VP of Barbie Global Brand Marketing at Mattel

    Industry Insights   September 12, 2023  

    Matt Brutocao (pictured above) is Vice President, Barbie Global Brand Marketing at Mattel, Inc. He will be a speaker at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, October 10-12 in Las Vegas. ANA Director Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives Karim Amadeo recently sat down with Matt for a pre-conference interview in which they discussed the Barbie Evolution, from social impact to dolls who represent all walks of life to this summer’s record-breaking theatrical release.

  • Marketing to Baby Boomers and Older Adults

    ASK Answers   September 12, 2023  

    How can my brand connect with baby boomers?

  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Sells Ad Space to Brands Committed to Women’s Empowerment

    B2 Awards   September 5, 2023  

    Sports Illustrated leveraged ad space in its iconic Swimsuit edition to support women’s empowerment and encourage brands to invest in initiatives, policies, and causes supporting women.

  • How Mastercard Helped Black Female Small Business Owners

    B2 Awards   September 5, 2023  

    Mastercard’s campaign targeted U.S. card issuers and financial institutions that focus on small businesses and small business owners. Through proprietary research-driven insights, Mastercard solidified and grew its issuer partnerships and brought in fintech partners to strengthen perceptions among small business owners.

  • The Ultimate Influencer Campaign — But Without the Influencer

    B2 Awards   September 5, 2023  

    Ajinomoto focused its campaign on millennials and generation Z, who yield outsized influence on culture in the U.S. Ajinomoto won over 24.3 million Americans in changing their stance on MSG through a one-of-a-kind influencer-led campaign — without the influencer.

  • 3 Ways for B2B Marketers to Engage with Gen Z

    Industry Insights   August 30, 2023  

    Generation Z: They’re different from you and me. The more than 68 million people aged 11 to 26 who make up 20 percent of the U.S. population are pre-teens, teens, and young adults who have been shaped by a changing and challenging world. They have witnessed innovations in technology, unforeseen health and economic conditions, geopolitical uncertainty, and climate issues that they accept as an existential threat and want to address.

  • The ABC's to Succeed In Influencer Marketing with Gen Z

    Knowledge Partners   August 30, 2023  

    It only takes one glance at a marketing publication to know that Gen Z is usurping Millennials as the primary target for many brands. In a recent study by Barnes & Noble College, 80 percent of Gen Z reported that they follow and/or interact with brands online. Subsequently, 72 percent of those who engage with brands are somewhat/significantly more likely to buy a product.

  • 5 Brands Successfully Marketing to Parents

    Industry Insights   August 29, 2023  

    Not every family looks the same. Here are five brands who've excelled at reaching different kinds of families.

  • Nostalgia Marketing: A Powerful Source of Emotion

    Industry Insights   August 21, 2023  

    Nostalgia is in right now — and perhaps this is partly a reaction to the ever-evolving technocentric landscape we live in. Familiarity can be comforting and a source of positive memories from the past; so, in many ways, it’s unsurprising that brands are harnessing nostalgia to evoke joy and connection for beloved brands, aesthetics, experiences, and media.

  • The Latest TikTok Shop Feature Turns Scrolling into Shopping

    Industry Insights   August 18, 2023  

    Did you know that nearly half of gen Z consumers start their shopping on TikTok? TikTok does, apparently, which is why it’s launching a new feature to let buyers and sellers transact directly on the platform. They’re calling it TikTok Shop, and its aim is to let creators, merchants, and brands get their products into the hands of consumers without having to go to another site.

  • The Fresh Market Refreshed Its Approach to Earn a Big Bump in E-Commerce Sales

    In-House Excellence Awards   August 17, 2023  

    The Fresh Market engaged a new demographic with a series of short- and long-form shoppable videos, generating outstanding results in the process.

  • Campaigns That Promote Equality for Women and Girls

    Industry Insights   August 15, 2023  

    Women and girls aren’t often the focus of media campaigns. They are often relegated to side roles and characters, or perpetuate negative stereotypes (often centering around unrealistic expectations). It’s exciting and refreshing when campaigns break this mold, however.

  • The Brands Successfully Marketing to Gen Z

    Industry Insights   August 8, 2023  

    Members of gen Z have been the focus of many brand campaigns in recent years, as companies hope to win over younger people and create loyalty, awareness, and favorability. As a generation that is entering the workforce, that comprises 30 percent of the global population, and that is growing, changing, and at the heart of trends, gen Z offers brands a unique audience with whom to engage.

  • Inspiring Women to Say “No”

    Beyond Profit Podcast   August 8, 2023  

    In 2022, to dismantle the barriers that often stand in the way of women and get them to say “no” more often in life, the PepsiCo brand Pure Leaf Ice Tea launched the “No” Grants program. Julie Raheja-Perera joins Beyond Profit host Ken Beaulieu to discuss the critical aspects of “No” Grants program.

  • Pure Leaf Is Helping More Women Say “No” At Work

    Podcast Clips   August 8, 2023  

    Pure Leaf’s Julie Rajeja-Perera explains the impetus for her brand’s “No Is Beautiful” campaign and the work her brand is doing to help women gain more autonomy without suffering consequences at work and in society.

  • Shocking Millennial Marketing Statistics & Trends in 2023

    Industry Insights   July 25, 2023  

    Millennials grew up in a time of rapid technological advancements and globalization. They are often referred to as digital natives, as they were the first to fully embrace and adapt to the digital revolution. Further, millennials are highly connected through social media and smartphones — and their tech-savviness has reshaped communication, entertainment, and even industries like retail and marketing.

  • How Coca-Cola Used In-Depth Consumer Journey Data to Take Hold of a Fickle Market

    Smarties Awards   July 24, 2023  

    Partnering with technology platform Grivy, Coca-Cola was able to leverage in-depth consumer journey insights and scale them into a campaign that helped its Coke brand win over new generation Z consumers in Indonesia.