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  • Why First-Party Data Might Not Be Enough

    Forward   September 23, 2021  

    Marketers have to change how they evaluate success in a first-party world. The question to ask now is, “How can I help this person with what they need?” Not “How can I get this person to convert?”

  • Marketers Are Tightening Their Belts

    B2B Marketer   September 22, 2021  

    B2B marketers were betting that the economic impact of the pandemic would be short-lived. It hasn't turned out that way, and now they're facing major budget cuts. With fewer dollars to demonstrate returns, marketers are turning to pure-play channels — encompassing paid, earned, and owned media — and moving more of their work in-house. Lead-gen programs are also taking precedence over branding efforts.

  • No Bore. No Snore. A B2B Podcast That Works.

    Session Videos   September 21, 2021  

    Podcasts are a growing marketing channel, but not many B2B organizations are using them in an engaging way to amplify their brand and connect with their clients. In this video, get perspectives on why building a successful podcast for a B2B organization has more to do with art than science.

  • Transcending the Transaction: Resurrecting Customer Experience Post-COVID

    Industry Insights   September 19, 2021  

    Digital Experience and Marketing Technology Executive Shiva Mirhosseini shared her thoughts on how COVID-19 disrupted the healthcare industry, what organizations are doing to harness that disruption, and what it all means for marketers.

  • Living the Pivot Part I, with Joseph Jaffe

    Marketing Futures   September 17, 2021  

    Joseph Jaffe is a jack of all trades—author, CEO, futurist, and now, a late-night talk show host. He joins the pod to discuss the creator economy, livestreaming, and more in part one of a special two-part series.

  • Google & Kellogg: How to Advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Marketing Priorities

    Webinars   September 16, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn how a century-old brand, Kellogg, was able to transform their marketing processes in a matter of months to advance their commitment to equity.

  • The Importance of Omnichannel Marketing in the Modern Landscape

    Knowledge Partners   September 15, 2021  

    Theorem shares best practices in developing omni-channel campaigns to accommodate consumers across a fragmented media landscape and expand reach through a variety of platforms.

  • How to Monetize Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    Webinars   September 15, 2021  

    In this webinar, Courtney Spritzer, CEO and co-founder of social media marketing agency Socialfly, covered the basics of influencer marketing, including how to get started, choosing the right influencers for your brand, and how to make sure your campaigns are set up for success.

  • Content Marketing Now and Beyond

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 15, 2021  

    What are trends and best practices for content marketing?

  • Electrify Your B2B Brand with Lessons from D2C

    Knowledge Partners   September 12, 2021  

    B2B brands can learn a lot from the D2C category, which creates cohesive branded customer experiences that drive affinity and loyalty.

  • Transformational Storytelling — Amazon Sapiens

    CMO Content   September 10, 2021  

    During the annual festival in June, LIONS recognizes creativity. We exist to drive progress through it. In this inspirational and future-focused presentation, hear a conversation between two creative thought leaders on the transformative power of storytelling.

  • The Future of Influencer Marketing Features More Integration

    ANA Magazine   September 10, 2021  

    Engaging with influencers has gone well beyond traditional brand partnerships. As companies develop their influencer marketing strategies, nuance will be a key ingredient moving forward.

  • Creativity Matters: Big Creative Ideas from Cannes Lions 2021

    CMO Content   September 9, 2021  

    In this video, take a look at best-in-class examples from campaigns awarded a LION at this year's Cannes Lions Festival in a variety of sectors and categories, which represent breakthrough, provocative ideas pointing to a new direction in the industry.

  • NFTs 2.0: What’s Next?

    Event Recaps   September 9, 2021  

    R3’s Greg Paull and Jason Velliquette reviewed best practices when working with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of a larger content strategy and how the nature of these products is set to transform the relationship between brands and consumers.

  • Top Five Ways a CDP Can Better Your Marketing

    Webinars   September 9, 2021  

    In this webinar, Abbas Makhdum with Oracle Unity dove into the five things to know before selecting your Customer Data Platform (CDP), the importance of consent management and real-time intelligence, and how you can take the wheel in your journey to be data-driven.

  • Conveying Your Brand Values Using Storytelling

    Event Recaps   September 9, 2021  

    Adam Palmer from GoDaddy’s brand team discussed how to build ownable messaging that translates into brand love and affinity, along with some of the challenges B2B and B2C businesses have in developing content.

  • A Personalized Future, with Mike Barclay of MoEngage

    Marketing Futures   September 7, 2021  

    We're making it personal today at the Marketing Futures Podcast. Mike Barclay of MoEngage joins us to talk the history and future of personalization in marketing.

  • Flood of College Athletes Become Influencers After NCAA Ruling

    Knowledge Partners   September 6, 2021  

    “First my twin, then my teammate, now my business partner”. That was the Instagram caption written by student athlete Hayley Cavinder as she posed in Times Square, holding hands with her twin sister Hanna. They gazed up at a billboard that announced they are the first student athletes to sign the first deal in collegiate NIL history.

  • A Guide to Improving the ROI of Your Digital Customer Experience

    Knowledge Partners   September 3, 2021  

    Learn why digital transformation puts customer intent at the center of the user experience, creating an entire ecosystem that relies on a healthy mix of automation and personalization.

  • How To Reach Out to Influencers (And Get a Response!)

    Knowledge Partners   September 3, 2021  

    Influencer marketing is a multi-billion dollar business with one of the fastest compound growth rates in existence. One of the dangers of working within such a large industry is losing that personal, one-to-one touch when connecting with potential partners.