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  • Retailers Require New Resources for Success in the Privacy-Centric World

    Industry Insights   January 27, 2023  

    For the last 20 years, marketers and advertisers have reached their target audiences on terms set by third parties. Google’s vast display networks, enabled by cookies, defined what we knew as digital advertising. Facebook took it one step further maximizing user-submitted, deterministic data, harvesting it for hyper targeting on and off the platform. It was a gold rush of sorts, with entire segments of the industry born out of the indisputable dominance of the two.

  • The Future of Privacy: Predictions for 2023

    Industry Insights   December 21, 2022  

    The hot-button issue of consumer privacy has been building, with more consumers aware than ever of targeted advertising practices. With a new year on the horizon, the industry will begin to see regulatory changes as early as January 2023. But what will these new privacy regulations mean for digital advertisers, and how can they ensure their businesses’ success in its midst?

  • Lack of Transparency Limits Trust

    Industry Insights   December 7, 2022  

    The question often asked of senior marketers by their C-suite peers and in turn by marketers of their agency partners is: “Are we getting optimal value in return for our marketing investment?” This is a simple question, but one that is not easily answered given the breadth and intricacies of an advertisers marketing communications investment.

  • Vendor Risk: Essential in the Changing Vendor Compliance Landscape Session Presentation

    Conference Highlights   November 9, 2022  

    Self-regulation may be the best way for businesses to comply with state consumer protection acts.

  • How AdChoices and Consent Management Platforms Can Work Together

    Event Recaps   November 8, 2022  

    Lou Mastria, executive director of the Digital Advertising Alliance, provided an update on how Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) and AdChoices interfaces can work together.

  • Get Certified: Policy, Process, and Next Steps for Certifying Addressable Media Identifiers

    Event Recaps   November 8, 2022  

    Representatives from the Digital Advertising Alliance and other experts shared information about the newly created certification process for Addressable Media Identifiers and the next steps for building consumer trust while safeguarding the core functionality of the advertising ecosystem.

  • Understanding and Navigating the New Identifier Solution Landscape as Technology and Policy Requirements Change

    Webinars   November 2, 2022  

    In this webinar, the DAA's Lou Mastria provided an update on how the leading self-regulatory program for responsible data collection in advertising is adapting to governance changes and discussed the evolution of the new identifier solution landscape incorporating addressability.

  • Marketing Has Been Self-Regulating for Years. New Privacy Laws and Policies Won’t Change That

    Soundbites   September 15, 2022  

    Does the deprecation of third-party cookies spell the end for marketing effectiveness? If history is any indicator, the answer is no. Neustar’s Joseph Pagano explains how marketers have been dealing with and overcoming challenges created by regulation for more than a decade now.

  • When It Comes to Privacy, It’s Time to See the Forest for the Trees

    Industry Insights   June 14, 2022  

    Are we watching the forest and not noticing the trees? The bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act Discussion Draft has so much in it that most everyone is trying to grasp the issues, with most of the discussion on preemption and a private right of action. But, in doing that, are we failing to focus on one other?

  • From Walled Gardens to a 'Garden of Gardens'

    Forward   June 7, 2022  

    Two forces that affect digital advertising are on a collision course: walled gardens and new privacy regulations. Thankfully, there are new and emerging technologies that can help marketers deal with the fallout and continue targeting digital ads while maintaining privacy protections.

  • Challenges Facing Marketer-Driven Production: Talent, Crew, and Vendor Payments

    Event Recaps   June 7, 2022  

    The TEAM Companies shared insights and tips for how marketers can better understand how to properly classify the status of certain employees and contract workers, be cognizant of applicable labor laws and union guidelines, and develop systems to avoid costly missteps when managing aspects of the creative supply chain.

  • Fake Warranties and Marketing Offers Cloaked as Unpaid Invoices

    Ethics Issue Alerts   May 22, 2022  

    ANA’s Consumer Affairs department has seen an increase in fake car warranty offers and marketing offers cloaked as unpaid invoices. In response, the group has created this update, providing guidance and resources on the subject.

  • Marketing in a Cookie-Less World

    Ask the Expert Answers   May 19, 2022  

    What strategies are developing for marketers to deal with the cookie’s eventual demise?

  • Using Data Clean Rooms to Secure Consumer Privacy Among Marketing Partners

    Pulse   May 19, 2022  

    With the (slow) erasure of the third-party tracking cookie, zero, first, and second-party consumer data has emerged as one of the main ways to collect consumer information. But with this large stock of private customer data, marketers now need a secure way to share that data with their partners, while simultaneously maintaining their users’ privacy.

  • Puffery 101

    Knowledge Partners   May 10, 2022  

    Better Business Bureau National Programs explained what “puffery” means, and how much of it brands are allowed to get away with.

  • Demystifying 3 Questions About Data Clean Rooms

    Industry Insights   May 9, 2022  

    Data clean rooms are the new kids in school. They have the cool backpack, are attracting attention, and incumbents are starting to question whether their appeal has staying power.

  • The Current Consent Model Is Broken — Let’s Give Consumers Something Better

    Industry Insights   May 6, 2022  

    They’re the latest scourge of the internet. No, we’re not talking about meme stonks, crypto bros, or fake news troll farms. We’re talking about the show-stopping, screen-blocking, consumer-hostile data privacy consent messages that are everywhere.

  • Endorsements and Testimonials

    Knowledge Partners   May 6, 2022  

    Better Business Bureau National Programs shared important considerations businesses should make before using endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

  • Five Tips for Truthful and Transparent Influencer Marketing and Product Reviews

    Knowledge Partners   May 4, 2022  

    Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division offered tips for marketers looking to ensure truthfulness and transparency when working with influencers and leveraging product reviews.

  • Substantiating Advertising Claims in Three Steps: A How-To Checklist for Advertisers

    Knowledge Partners   May 2, 2022  

    The Better Business Bureau National Program’s National Advertising Division provided a comprehensive checklist for marketers looking to substantiate claims in their advertising.


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