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The ANA on-demand courses align to high demand training curriculum topics and include multiple short-length lessons, with case studies/examples/best practices, knowledge checks and activities, toolkits, reference guides, assessments, surveys and certificates of completion.

  • Inspiring Great Creative

    This course will help you get the kind of powerful creative work that builds your sales overnight and builds your brand over time. You will be guided through the entire creative process, from the creative brief to judging creative work, giving the agency compelling feedback, and making all your communications more effective. Quite simply, this course will help you to be a better client.

    In partnership with Jane Maas, ANA faculty, former creative director at Ogilvy & Mather and former president of Earle Palmer Browne.

  • Content Powered Engagement

    Effective content has never been more important for successful brand marketing. This course will help brands and marketers identify and take advantage of key opportunities content marketing offers, avoid pitfalls that lie therein and make their own mark on the content landscape.

    In partnership with ANA Strategic Partner, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing

  • Integrating Across the Customer Decision Journey

    Lack of insight into the customer’s decision making process leads to missed opportunities. Knowing why, when, how, and where customers engage with your category is essential for brands to interact with customers throughout their decision journey. In this course you will learn how to create customer-focused, integrated marketing campaigns by breaking down silos and connecting with your customers where it matters most.

    In partnership with Dina Shapiro, ANA faculty, CEO and founder of Yorkville Consulting

  • Art and Science of Brand Building

    Your brand is an intangible asset and yet it is the most powerful contributor to the long term growth of your company’s bottom line. It takes vigilance and a disciplined process to maintain and grow your brand equity. This course will help your brand compete and win in the marketplace; it breaks down the key components of brand building in a way that will build your knowledge and reveal practical insights and initiatives that you can use to build your brand and bottom line.

    In partnership with Ed Faruolo, ANA faculty and founder and president of VitaLincs.

  • Presentation Writing and Delivery to Convey, Compel and Convince

    Presentations are an essential feature of business today. Whether at your company or to clients or other stakeholders you will need to present your ideas in a way to move them – and the business - forward. In this course you will learn a structured approach to writing and delivering winning presentations that allows you to Convey, Compel and Convince your audience of your ideas.

    In partnership with Jonathan Holburt, ANA Faculty, who has worked as an agency business director with a number of Fortune 500 companies, and currently advises new start-up companies.

  • Strategic Customer-Centric Marketing

    Marketers today are pulled into product-centric thinking by the nature of their roles and by the many dynamics in the marketplace. This makes it difficult to get and stay focused on the customer, ultimately leading to wasteful marketing investments. This course will teach effective approaches to customer-centric marketing strategy that enables your brand to set itself up for success.

    In partnership with Nancie Ruder, ANA faculty and founder of Noetic Consulting.

  • Agency Management

    Clients want more, better, faster work from their strategic relationships. Their ability to effectively manage these relationships is directly correlated to their ability to succeed in the marketplace. This course is designed to develop the skills of an effective client leader or active user of agencies.

    In partnership with Bruno Gralpois, ANA Faculty, co-founder and principal of Agency Mania Solutions.

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