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Advanced Database Marketing

This course focuses on advanced database techniques and analysis, including detailed instruction on how to effectively use these techniques to identify, segment, and target an audience. The database marketing course will also teach how to accurately and cost-effectively reach intended recipients through advanced segmentation strategies and modeling techniques. You'll get detailed instruction on effective use of database marketing in order to identify, profile, segment, target, and talk to your ideal audience.

Learning Experience

This is a narrated PowerPoint slide presentation format course and is partially interactive. It provides real-world practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is limited and includes assessments, minimal or no knowledge checks, activities, or resources/tools.

Who is this Course For?

Junior, middle, and senior marketer levels – all those interested in advanced database marketing.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Engagement and Purchasing Behavior

  • Applying Basic Purchasing Segmentation with RFM
  • Evaluating Purchasing and Pre-Purchase Behavior
  • Creating an Advanced Segmentation Strategy

Lesson 2: Statistical Modeling

  • Understanding Statistical Modeling
  • Applying Modeling
  • Evaluating Choices
  • Creating an Advanced Modeling Strategy
  • Delivering a Successful Data-Driven System

Lesson 3: Database Marketing Testing

  • Understanding How to Test
  • Understanding Testing Pitfalls
  • Applying Different Types of Testing
  • Applying Test Groups That Work
  • Creating an Advanced Testing Strategy
  • Delivering a Successful Testing System

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 60 minutes. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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Recommended Pre-Coursework: The following course is recommended as pre-work to prepare you for the Advanced Database Marketing course: Database Marketing. The knowledge contained in this course is fundamental to the material in the advanced course. You may have equivalent knowledge through your professional experience, and if so, may not need the pre-coursework. Be sure to review the course description to ensure your experience aligns with the base of knowledge required.

This course was last updated on October 31st, 2019.

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Alan Weber

Principal, Data to Strategy Group

Alan Weber is the current Principal of Data to Strategy Group, the past President of the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association; past President of the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) Alumni Board, and was a Community Member of the UMKC Board of Trustees. Alan is the recipient of The 2008 Alumni Achievement Award from the Henry W. Bloch School of Business and past President of the Bloch Alumni Advisory Committee. He was a member of the first technology panel for the National Endowment for the Arts and was chosen as the 2004 KCDMA Direct Marketer of the Year.

Alan is the author of three books: Event Driven Marketing (Racom, 2010), co-authored with Egbert Jan van Bel and Ed Sanders (both of the Netherlands); Data-Driven Business Models (Thomson-Southwest, 2005); and co-author of Desktop Database Marketing (NTC Business Books, 1997). Alan’s articles have been published in various magazines, including Target Marketing, DM News, and Catalog Age.

Alan has been a member of the Adjunct Faculty at UMKC (where he teaches marketing in the EMBA, graduate, and undergraduate programs) since 2006. He is occasionally an Adjunct Lecturer at Kansas University, where he has taught graduate courses in database marketing in the School of Journalism since 2006. He has trained direct marketers across North America and in The Netherlands, U.K., and South America.

Alan has spoken at many conferences, such as “CRM in 1 Day” in Ede, Netherlands and the IDM in Chicago. He has conducted sessions for The International Institute of Marketing Research, Henry Stewart Conference Studies, Total Technology Training, National Seminars, various regional Direct Marketing Associations and has lectured at NYU and CMSU.

Alan earned an M.B.A. from the Bloch School of Business at the UMKC, with an emphasis in Direct Marketing. He also earned a Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Fund Raising through the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the Bloch School of Public Administration. Alan also holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.

Alan brings a thorough understanding of theory into practice. He has broad experience in database marketing, sales, and service, working in both large and small companies as well as for nonprofit organizations. Before founding the Data to Strategy Group, he was President of the Marketing Analytics Group, and was Vice President, Database Marketing for J. Schmid & Associates.