Cross-Device Tracking Approaches

Attribution is the practice of using advanced statistical approaches to allocate proportional credit to marketing communications and media activity across all channels, which ultimately leads to the desired customer action. It requires capturing numerous exposures of information to the audience (typically, advertising) and connecting them back to a desired outcome (usually a purchase).

Surprisingly, only 7.1% of marketers are satisfied with their current approach to attribution.  Perhaps this level of satisfaction is due to the challenges of understanding and capturing the behaviors across channels, activities and touchpoints. In this course, we will cover the various approaches to tracking information across devices and media channels, so that you can apply these principles to your marketing campaigns and improve overall campaign performance and enhance ROI.

This course is the second in a six-part series entitled: “Advanced Attribution.”  This course can be taken either as a stand-alone course or as part of the series. Powered by Marist.

Learning Experience

This is a video-based, lecture format course with no interactivity. It provides real-world, practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is minimal and includes assessments, but no knowledge checks, activities, or resources/tools.

Who is this Course For?

Junior, middle, and senior marketer levels – all those interested in attribution and cross-device tracking approaches.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: What is Cross-Device Attribution?

  • Defining Attribution
  • Device Graphs and People Graphs
  • Attribution Methods
  • Marketing and Sales Funnel
  • Self-paced Exercise

Lesson 2: The Digital Advertising Ecosystem and How to Maintain a Complete View of Your Customer

  • The Online Ecosystem
  • Customer Data Challenges
  • Self-Paced Exercise

Lesson 3: How Data is Tracked Across Devices

  • Recognition and targeting
  • Closing

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 60 minutes. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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