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Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age

In this course, you’ll take on the role of Marketing Technologist in the exciting and evolving world of Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age. You will develop a systematic methodology for conceptualizing, designing, executing and managing an integrated marketing campaign. You will first build a foundation of knowledge about the history of integrated marketing and where it is headed in the future. Next, you will understand the synergy that exists between creative, marketing channels, offer, operations and analytics. Lastly, you will take a step-by-step tour through the process of building and launching an integrated marketing campaign.

Learning Experience

This is a narrated PowerPoint slide presentation format course and is partially interactive. It provides real-world practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is limited and includes assessments, minimal or no knowledge checks, activities, or resources/tools.

Who is this Course For?

Junior, middle, and senior marketer levels – all those interested in integrated marketing.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Integrated Marketing

  • What is Integrated Marketing?
  • The 6 C's
  • Is Integrated Marketing the Same as Omnichannel Marketing or Multichannel Marketing?

Lesson 2: Digging Deeper

  • Why Integrated Marketing?
  • Classic Elements of Offline Integrated Marketing
  • How Digital Media Fits In

Lesson 3: Taking Action

  • The Data
  • The Marketing Action

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 47 minutes. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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Susan Jones

Award-Winning Professor, Author and Consultant with Expertise in Direct and Digital Marketing, Susan K. Jones & Associates

Susan K. Jones is a tenured, full Professor of Marketing at Ferris State University, the principal of Susan K. Jones Associates, and an adjunct instructor at West Virginia University's IMC Master's Degree program. Ms. Jones launched her own firm in 1980, specializing in business-to-business, collectibles, catalogs, educational products, and financial services. She joined Ferris State in 1990.

At Ferris State, Ms. Jones teaches direct marketing, business-to-business advertising, advertising copy, advertising management, e-commerce marketing, and other marketing, advertising and public relations courses. She developed and leads Ferris State’s e-commerce marketing concentration. She also teaches the direct marketing, business-to-business and e-commerce classes via internet.

In 1996, she was named Volunteer of the Year by the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing. In October 1997, she received the Robert Clarke Award of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation as Direct Marketing Educator of the Year. In April 2002 she was named Charles S. Downs Direct Marketer of the Year by CADM. In February 2003 she received the Andi Emerson Award for creative direct marketing excellence from the John Caples International Awards organization. In August 2006 she was named a charter Master/Emeritus Direct Marketer by CADM. In April, 2007 she was inducted into the Medill School of Journalism Hall of Achievement at Northwestern University. In September, 2008 she was honored with a Northwestern Alumni Service Award. In June, 2011, she received the first Alexia Vanides Teaching Award from the West Virginia University IMC Master's Degree Program.

She is the author of Business-to-Business Internet Marketing (5th edition) from Maximum Press, and co-editor of The IMC Handbook: Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications (3rd edition  Fall 2011). She is the sole author of Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing (4th edition — Fall 2011).