Omnichannel Marketing Certificate Program

With this Omnichannel Marketing Certificate Program you will learn the essentials of successful omnichannel marketing – How to develop a winning omnichannel or integrated marketing strategy; How to leverage diverse channels for a streamlined approach; and How to best engage with your customer and maximize ROI.

Powered in part by MediaMath and Optikal, this certificate program brings together today’s leading minds in omnichannel, programmatic and online/offline marketing to equip you with key insights and applied learning in the areas of strategy, channel use, programmatic advertising, and more.

You will learn how Google changed everything, best practices for channel-specific campaigns, how to track your customer through the omnichannel journey, and the importance of data in your omnichannel campaign.

This certificate program is limited to ANA members only.

Learning Experience

This program includes courses with multiple formats and various levels of interactivity: partially interactive narrated PowerPoint slide presentation format, and video-based, lecture format with no interactivity. Active participation varies by course. All courses include assessments, knowledge checks, activities, and resources/tools. See each course outline for more details.

Who is this Certificate Program For?

Junior, middle, and senior marketer levels – all those interested in omnichannel marketing.

Certificate Program Outline

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Course: Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age

In this course, you’ll take on the role of a Marketing Technologist in the exciting and continuously changing world of Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age. You will develop a systematic methodology for conceptualizing, designing, executing and managing an Integrated Marketing Campaign. You will first build a Foundation of knowledge about the history of Integrated Marketing and where it is headed in the future. Next, you will understand the Synergy that exists between creative, marketing channels, offer, operations and analytics. Lastly, you will take a step-by-step tour through the Process of building and launching an Integrated Marketing Campaign.

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Course: Next Generation Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is often confused with multichannel marketing, but they are not the same. Omnichannel marketing is the next generation in data-driven marketing. In this module, you will learn what sets omnichannel and multichannel marketing apart, the similarities and differences in these two approaches, and how to implement the important factors forming the basis of successful omnichannel marketing, using data.

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Course: Mapping the Customer Journey with Omnichannel Marketing

The “Mapping the Customer Journey with Omnichannel Marketing” module covers Step 2 in the comprehensive Omnichannel Marketing approach: mapping the customer journey. This course follows up on the companion module, “Next Generation Omnichannel Marketing” and covers topics such as touchpoint engagement, channels, segmentation and targeting that are essential in mapping the customer’s journey.

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Course: Transmission in Omnichannel Marketing

Did you know that 90% of mobile users do not have a specific brand in mind when they begin shopping? Your job as a brand is to make that transition from prospect to consumer by properly using an integrated, cross-channel approach when communicating with your audience. The Transmission in Omnichannel Marketing module teaches you how to properly engage your target audience in order to ensure they choose your brand at the moment of conversion.

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Course: Omnichannel Video Marketing

In this course, we show you how video is an increasingly important – yet sometimes overlooked – channel for marketing and ad spend, how you can best leverage this medium, and what is on the horizon.  You will learn the history and current state of digital video advertising, key terminology specific to video marketing, programmatic and video advertising goals, and best practices.

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Course: Omnichannel Mobile Marketing

Consumers have already moved to mobile, and advertisers have followed. Mobile spend growth is no longer a hypothetical – it is taking place right now. Mobile is not a separate channel, but a variety of screens and technologies that allow you to access your audience in new ways. In this course, you will learn the formats, trends and best practices for mobile advertising in today’s technology landscape. Issues from geo-fencing and deep linking to probabilistic tracking, MRAID and deterministic user log-ins are all covered in this in-depth module.

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Course: Omnichannel Social Media Marketing

In this course, we seek to answer the question, “What is the goal of social advertising?” Learn why social advertising is a must in today’s marketing landscape. As you walk through the social advertising landscape, you will learn its history and its current state, key terms specific to social advertising (such as FMP, TOP, FBX), the differences between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and the ad types and targeting options for each.

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Course: Programmatic Marketing and Media Buying (Programmatic 101)

In this video, you will learn what the Publisher Waterfall is, how to disrupt the Publisher Waterfall with header tags, advantages of header bidding, how it works, and what a header wrapper is.  You will also learn about programmatic ad buying through open exchange, private marketplace, programmatic guaranteed and preferred deal.

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Assessment: Omnichannel Marketing

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 6-8 hours. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

Note: When you register for a Certificate or Certification Program you will automatically be registered for all the Courses listed in the Program.  All Courses in the Program will only be available through the Certificate or Certification Program listed in your Enrollments on the learning portal where you access your on-demand training. You will not see the individual Courses listed in your Enrollments on the learning portal, nor will you be able to register for them individually once enrolled in a Certificate or Certification Program that includes them.

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Michelle Said

Senior Manager, Certification and Curriculum Development
New Marketing Institute of MediaMath

In addition to overseeing and editing documentation to support training at the New Marketing Institute, she uses her 10 years of experience in the online space to educate others in NMI’s industry-leading Digital Marketing and Omnichannel certification tracks.

Prior to joining NMI/MediaMath, she worked in all sides of the industry, first in establishing the rich media certification process at EyeWonder and helping to lead the company’s office in Dublin, Ireland, before trying her hand in the programmatic ad space in account management and yield delivery positions. Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and English from the University of Southern California and watches movies religiously at home in Brooklyn.


James Fink

CEO/Managing Partner, Optikal

James began his career in sales, within the media industry. He has successfully closed several deals and his achievements quickly moved him from sales into management. He's managed divisions for top-rated radio stations in Los Angeles, for CBS and for Univision. Later, at Univision, James was promoted to Director of Sports and oversaw broadcast negotiations with several NFL, MLB, and college sports teams. Eventually, he found himself in the role of CMO for a Direct Response ad agency, focused on driving ROI for ad campaigns on radio and TV. Having combined experiences in various marketing roles, James was dissatisfied with the idea of wasted ad space and scattered targeting. He wanted to find a way to center ads on the individual and better ensure success for brands, both on a sale/ROI level and a brand awareness level. James wanted to change the mindset of how companies reach their core consumers and high-level potential prospects. His solution is Optikal, an omnichannel marketing agency, powered by integrated technology, data analytics, and optimizing media strategies based on data-driven results. James and his team are redefining omnichannel marketing to make advertising more precise and to deliver better results.


Susan Jones

Award-Winning Professor, Author and Consultant with Expertise in Direct and Digital Marketing, Susan K. Jones & Associates

Susan K. Jones is a tenured, full Professor of Marketing at Ferris State University, the principal of Susan K. Jones Associates, and an adjunct instructor at West Virginia University's IMC Master's Degree program. Ms. Jones launched her own firm in 1980, specializing in business-to-business, collectibles, catalogs, educational products, and financial services. She joined Ferris State in 1990.

At Ferris State, Ms. Jones teaches direct marketing, business-to-business advertising, advertising copy, advertising management, e-commerce marketing, and other marketing, advertising and public relations courses. She developed and leads Ferris State’s e-commerce marketing concentration. She also teaches the direct marketing, business-to-business and e-commerce classes via internet.

In 1996, she was named Volunteer of the Year by the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing. In October 1997, she received the Robert Clarke Award of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation as Direct Marketing Educator of the Year. In April 2002 she was named Charles S. Downs Direct Marketer of the Year by CADM. In February 2003 she received the Andi Emerson Award for creative direct marketing excellence from the John Caples International Awards organization. In August 2006 she was named a charter Master/Emeritus Direct Marketer by CADM. In April, 2007 she was inducted into the Medill School of Journalism Hall of Achievement at Northwestern University. In September, 2008 she was honored with a Northwestern Alumni Service Award. In June, 2011, she received the first Alexia Vanides Teaching Award from the West Virginia University IMC Master's Degree Program.

She is the author of Business-to-Business Internet Marketing (5th edition) from Maximum Press, and co-editor of The IMC Handbook: Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications (3rd edition  Fall 2011). She is the sole author of Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing (4th edition — Fall 2011).