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Transform Digital Data into Decisions (Virtual)

Using Data-driven Decision Making to Drive Action
(Virtual Half-day Workshop)

Virtual Workshop Description
Throughout marketing history, many a marketer have said, “numbers don’t lie” when describing and presenting analytics from a recent campaign. Unfortunately, every single one of those marketers was wrong. Numbers lie all the time. Digital marketing provides a plentiful amount of analytics and data. But for many, analytics can easily confuse and overwhelm. Because of this, in many marketing organizations today, decisions are made based on opinions instead of driven by data.

In this workshop, we will introduce participants to the data-driven decision-making (DDDM) process, helping them identify their most important analytics data and how to turn that data into a story driven presentation, captivating and engaging their audiences. We will show participants how to perform statistical analysis, identify all data assumptions, and present these findings to ensure your marketing decisions are made based on real data and not internal opinions.

This workshop also includes several working sessions allowing attendees to work on their own campaigns and begin implementing on what they have just learned. Team members will not only walk out of this workshop with a much greater confidence and understanding on digital analytics, but they will have begun development on existing campaign work which they can hit the ground running immediately following this workshop.

Target Audience
This workshop is for any marketing professional who is tasked with developing, executing, and reporting digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness and maximizing marketing ROI.

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • How to better understand and communicate digital marketing analytics
  • The data-driven decision making (DDDM) process for how to successfully approach and translate data into an effective story
  • How to create and present an engaging story using your data that influences decisions

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing ROI by teaching them:

  • How to change marketing organizations decisions to be based on data and not opinions
  • How communicating data effectively empowers marketing teams to work better, smarter, and faster
  • How to identify and iterative test to confirm or deny data assumptions, ensuring the right decisions are made, avoiding lost time and resources

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  • Cord Silverstein

    Cord Silverstein is an award-winning marketer, leader, coach and speaker with over 20 years of proven marketing expertise. He has worked on both sides of the aisle leading the marketing strategy and execution for Fortune 500 brands on the agency and client side.