Build a Better Relationship with Your IHA (Half Day)

How to Maximize Output with Your In-House Agency
(Half Day Workshop)

Workshop Description

With the rise of the in-house agency (IHA), many marketers are asking themselves how they can optimize interactions with their in-house agency to streamline communication with creatives and project managers, develop innovative, compelling content, achieve less time to market, and gain overall better workflow and process.

In this workshop, marketers will discover the value an in-house agency brings to your marketing team and how to get the most out of effective collaboration with your IHA. We will discuss how to understand the roles and capabilities of an in-house agency in order to build strategic partnerships with marketers. As a result, you will be prepared to launch best practices for cross-functional collaboration, and learn solutions to drive better creative output, and optimize campaign production.

Expect to walk away from this session with pragmatic solutions to drive effectiveness of everyday creative requests and account logistics, while optimizing workflow between your marketing team and the internal agency.

Important Note: For best outcomes, your company may be asked to reimburse for the travel costs of two presenters for this workshop. You will be notified well in advance if this is the case for you.

Who is this workshop for?

Marketing leads, Marketing managers, and requestors of the IHA who are responsible for working with multiple creative partners, want to better understand the role of their IHA, and develop a better internal process to execute great work.

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing organization, improving marketing leadership, and improving marketing effectiveness.

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing organization by teaching them:

  • Benefits that come from establishing and working with an IHA
  • Ideal process when working with an IHA
  • How to set up cross-functional marketing workflow(s) and recommended approvals

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing leadership leadership by providing:

  • Ways to structure your engagement with the IHA
  • Examples on how to approach and balance working with an IHA and external agencies
  • Specific steps to improve creative briefing process with an IHA
  • Establishing timelines and campaign milestones during the IHA creative process

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • Tips on briefing and creative feedback to enhance clarity and inspire creativity
  • How the IHA is suited to iterate and optimize campaign creative to improve speed to market
  • How to leverage the IHA and its content to extend into new media channels and develop brand partnerships


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Andrea B. Ruskin

Strategic Consultant / Partner, Blum Consulting Partners, Inc.

Andrea is a Strategic Consultant and Partner at Blum Consulting Partners who works with marketers to implement marketing transformation and workflow that drives a more creative, effective, and strategic creative process. With over 25-year’s experience in advertising as an Executive Producer, Production Company Owner and former AICP National Vice Chairman, Andrea combines her production background with 11 years of brand consulting experience to create processes and working models that optimize the creative process. Andrea is also a member of the ANA Faculty and currently trains marketers on in-house agency optimization.


Build a Better Relationship with Your IHA

How to Optimize Your In House Agency

The Strategic In-House Agency


T. Alex Blum

Founding Partner, Blum Consulting Partners

Alex founded Blum Consulting Partners to support marketers with in-depth process analysis, process design, and production innovation. He has worked for the last ten years on enterprise level strategic initiatives for Fortune 500 clients. Alex has 30+ years’ experience in advertising and feature film production as a producer and award-winning production company owner, with an impressive resume of guest lectures, training, authoring, and speaking engagements.



Build a Better Relationship with Your IHA

How to Optimize Your In House Agency

The Strategic In-House Agency