Cascading Brief Design (Virtual Open Enrollment)

How to Leverage Your Briefing Architecture to Boost Engagement and Drive Sales
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

The goal of this virtual open enrollment workshop is to learn how to implement a best-in-class briefing architecture that enables you to align all of your agencies and ensure that your target audience gets the right message, in the right place, at the right time to inspire them to use your brand. This interactive workshop is based on the fact that to build a best-in-class integrated campaign, you need a connected briefing architecture where the marketing program or campaign has a series of “sub-briefs” that are all linked to a foundational master document and speak the language of the specific channel specialists.

By the conclusion of the session, you’ll be able to better direct actions across all of your agencies and better optimize all of your marketing with a targeted focus that builds your sales virtually overnight and your brand over time. Facilitated by a leading expert with agency, corporate consulting, and academic experience, you’ll have a process to build your brand equity and prove your marketing ROI.

Target Audience

This workshop is relevant for marketers who:

  • Have solid brief writing skills and who want to enhance the results of their overall briefing process; and
  • Work with multiple agencies and consultants (mobile, shopper, broadcast, experiential, PR, data analytics, and others) and need to coordinate them.

Note: The insights and frameworks can also be used by smaller brands who only work with one or have just a few partners.

Virtual Workshop Benefits

After participating in this virtual workshop, marketers will be equipped to:

  1. Increase marketing effectiveness by determining specific goals and appropriate KPIs for each communication element as well as providing a rubric for assessing the resulting elements;
  2. Improve marketing efficiencies by synchronizing brand building and sales building efforts into one coordinated program; and
  3. Maximize marketing ROI through a briefing system that helps you identify and eliminate any wasteful channel redundancies and orchestrate agency and in-house assignments.


Download the full agenda here



Laurence Minsky

Associate Professor, Columbia College Chicago

Laurence Minsky is renowned in professional and academic circles for his strategic and creative leadership and broad-reaching industry expertise which includes brand development, advertising, brand activation, content marketing, new product development, direct response marketing, local store marketing, channel communications, as well as online, mobile, and social marketing. He is also known for developing effective award-winning cross-channel solutions that boost marketing ROI.

He currently serves as an associate professor in the Department of Communication in the School of Media Arts at Columbia College Chicago and as a strategic and creative marketing consultant serving corporations, ad agencies, design firms, and nonprofits across the globe.