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Effective Writing for Corporate Communications (Full Day)

(Full Day Workshop)

Workshop Description
The revolution in writing is under way—welcome to the new world of Post-Modern English, chatbots and AI. If your company, your team, and your job haven’t already been impacted by the changes, brace yourself for a rollercoaster 12- to 18-months. This workshop will get you ready for anything that comes your way.

  • The attention span of everyone is becoming shorter and shorter.
  • Younger customers “speak” in emoticons, memes, images and abbvtns.
  • We are working with a five-generation world.
  • 34% of your teammates and clients learned English as their second language.
  • The range of platforms and media choices is almost overwhelming.

This hands-on, working session will address all that, and more. You’ll learn about different styles and voices, dive into “speaking like your audience,” and review actual examples of how major corporations are moving to a more customer-friendly voice.

We’ll build on what you already know and give you additional tools to stay in tune with your customers and markets and turn your “company communications” into meaningful “customer engagement.” In addition, you’ll start to master “prompts,” understand the difference between “edit” and “rewrite” and start to explore the new horizons of Large Language models. Finally, you’ll get tips and hacks you can use to improve everyone’s writing—immediately!

Who Is This Workshop For?
As AI bots start to replace word processing, everyone in your marketing group and your company — from the actual writers to your marketers, strategists and senior management — need to understand how to learn the new rules of writing and the new techniques of AI communications.

Workshop Benefits
After attending this workshop, participants will be better equipped to:

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Putting customer benefits at the front of your message
  • Delivering your message clearly and directly
  • Reducing inconsistencies in brand messaging
  • Capturing and communicating your company’s voice

Increase marketing and communications efficiency by:

  • Saying more with less
  • Understanding the power of editing
  • Bringing everyone into the same conversation
  • Understanding AI prompts
  • Eliminating all grammar, spelling and typo errors

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  • Steve Lance

    Author and Emmy Award-winner Steve Lance is a partner at PS Insights. His background as a copywriter and creative director includes a full range of advertising campaigns for such clients as SONY Entertainment, Crest Toothpaste, Citizen Watch, J&B Scotch, JIF Peanut Butter, Post Cereals, Verizon, Bell Atlantic, and Hyperion Solutions. He has been creative director of NBC and executive copywriter for numerous cable television networks including The Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Communications, History Channel, National Geographic, and PBS.