Multicultural "Sprint Planning" (Half Day)

Planning does not have to be a long and cumbersome process.  If your team has the insights and segment data at hand, this workshop will help you to efficiently put the pieces together to form your multicultural plan.  This 3 step facilitated workshop is designed for marketers with a solid understanding of Multicultural concepts and experience fielding at least occasional Multicultural programs or campaigns.

This “Sprint Planning” workshop dives right into the process of working through strategically important plan elements to jumpstart your holistic Multicultural plan. Collectively, the components make up the Multicultural Edge Planning Framework including brand positioning across Multicultural Segments, strategic planning, Total Market Plan goal setting, and initial plan activation.

This workshop is a hands-on half day session geared toward experienced Multicultural business professionals from the Marketing and Marcom functions. 

This workshop is an excerpt of the ANA full day workshop titled “Multicultural Edge; Leveraging Multicultural Innovation to Grow Your Brand.  In the full day workshop, content on Multicultural Consumer Sub Groups, Tracking Multicultural Efforts, and Staffing for Multicultural is added to the half day; the additional content promotes the development of a more robust multicultural plan that is measured for effectiveness and appropriately staffed.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for marketers and other business professionals who have already begun marketing to multicultural consumers. The content is appropriate for both general marketers and those with specific responsibility for multicultural groups. 

If a workshop on the fundamentals of Multicultural Marketing is needed by you and/or your team, please contacts you’re ANA School of marketing representative at  This content is available upon request.



Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you and/or your team will be better able to:

Increase marketing effectiveness, efficiency and ROI

  • Learning how to optimize your advertising efforts by utilizing multicultural brand positioning tools
  • Learning about how to align your multicultural efforts to create strategic synergy with your Total Market Plan
  • Utilizing multicultural strategy and budget builders to begin developing your activation plan


Download the full agenda here



Kathryn Martinez

Kathryn Martinez is president and CEO of Avalon, where she trains global marketing organizations on marketing strategy, brand management fundamentals, brand launches, brand positioning and advertising, business planning and execution, advertising fundamentals, marketing metrics, and consumer behavior. Kathryn has 25 years of experience on both the client and agency sides of the business, including six years with Procter & Gamble in brand management and sales and nine years at The Coca-Cola Company. She was also chief strategy officer and vice president account services at two advertising agencies before starting her own marketing and business consultancy. Her current and past clients include: The Campbell Soup Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Fisher-Price, General Mills, The Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, LG MobileComm, Logitech, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Miller Brewing Company, and Procter & Gamble.

Kathryn is a member of the ANA Faculty and is an accomplished researcher and speaker. She is considered a subject matter expert on multicultural consumer groups in the U.S.