Advertising Production: What Marketers Need to Know (Virtual Open Enrollment)

Optimize Your Content Creation to Be Effective in the Video Production Process
(Virtual Half Day) – Open Enrollment

Workshop Description

Both video and photography production are on the rise and so is the need to stretch the production budgets to go farther. Now more than ever, it is vital to challenge the marketing ecosystem and the traditional advertising production process. In this workshop, we will look at things differently and help you navigate the landscape, including:

  • The current creative production landscape and content strategy
  • Understanding evolving operating models and production approaches
  • The fundamentals of designing and producing low-cost videos (social)
  • Overview of the video production process from planning to delivery, including cost drivers and optimizers
  • Content creation game changers in 2023

Who Is This Workshop For?
This workshop is best suited for those accountable for content production, including brand marketers, advertising managers, in-house content teams, creative and production operations, procurement and sourcing professionals in the agency and production management space.

Workshop Benefits
After attending this masterclass, attendees will be able to:

  • Make More Informed Decisions: Feel more comfortable breaking down the opportunities, consider the different production approaches, and improve transparency in the bidding process.
  • Plan & Budget More Effectively: Understand the timing and impact of decisions, and what drives the costs up or down
  • Improve Dialogue with Agency & Production Partners: Understand the ins and outs of the production process, the importance of the project brief and improve communication among all stakeholders.

 Download the full agenda here


Advertising Production Resources

Advertising Production Resources (APR) is a content creation optimization consultancy that oversees over $1 Billion in annual ad production spend for 60+ advertisers around the globe. With hands-on production backgrounds in TV, Print, OOH, digital videos, Web, Mobile, Social & Experiential, our 200+ team members collaborate with advertisers and their creative resources to establish best practices & find efficiencies in advertising content creation. We use our unique vantage point and collaborative, integrated approach to drive innovation, improve production acumen, and increase return on investment for many of the world’s leading advertisers.