How To Optimize Your Agency Partner Relationships

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Joanne Davis

Joanne Davis is the president and founder of Joanne Davis Consulting and has been a client CMO, agency president, and consultant to companies large and small, including Arby’s, ExxonMobil, JPMorgan Chase, Marriott, Macy’s, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Microsoft, and Sonic Drive-In. Joanne helps clients better search for, select, and compensate agencies and improve client marketing organizations. In 2005, Joanne Davis Consulting became a shareholding partner in SCAN International. Prior to founding Joanne Davis Consulting, Joanne spent 20 years in domestic and international advertising and marketing communications agencies. She spent 18-months as Acting CMO for the US Department of Defense.

Joanne leverages her expertise to coach and train client companies on how to improve their agency relationships. She is a member of the ANA Faculty and one of the industry’s best-known speakers and writers on client-agency relations and has coached thousands of marketing and procurement executives across four continents.


Module #

Full Day Training


Agenda and Takeaways


Introductions to session, participants and instructor

30 min

  • Objectives for the session
  • Goals of participants
  • Understand how course differs from “textbook learning” – real world applications
  • Exercise: Team Member Roles
  • Exercise: The Client Video
  • Exercise: One Night Stand versus Partnership Role Play


How a Client Agency Relationship Can Work Better

 1 hour

  • Motivation

–        What Clients want

–        What different Agencies wants

–        Global survey results

  • Exercise: Partnership Expectations
  • Exercise: Blue (Mars) versus Pink (Venus) behaviors


Creative Brief & Creative Briefing

1 hour

  • Best Practices in Briefing
  • Briefing Creative Teams
  • Exercise: Creative Brief Assessment Role Play


Creative Review

1.5 hours

  • How to review creative work
  • How everyone can be creative
  • Giving feedback, evaluating the work
  • Exercise: Creative Assessment Role Play


Agency Evaluations

1 hour

  • Objectives and guidelines
  • Types of evaluations
  • How to prevent agency reviews
  • Exercise: Quick Wins and Long Term Ideas for Challenged Client/Agency Case
  • Exercise: Agency Critique


Scope of Work and Agency Compensation

1 hour

  • Scope of Work and compensation review
  • Exercise: Negotiating staff and fees for a scope of work


Agency Contract Management

1 hour

  • Audits
  • Contracts
  • Exercise: Negotiating key contract provisions


Working with Multiple Agencies

30 mins

  • 15 ideas in 15 minutes
  • Exercise: Roles and responsibilities toolkit


Wrap Up

30 mins

  • Review of the day
  • Take aways
  • Audience Choice