How To Build a Killer Marketing Plan--Better,Smarter,Faster

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The day

  • What are your hopes for this topic and what are your current business challenges?
  • What role does marketing play in your organization?
  • What is the marketing process in your company?

The tools and the team

  •  What's the ideal group to assemble for the Marketing Plan session?
  •  Who should be involved and invited?
  • Where should you conduct the session abd what are the objectives for all the team members?

Development of preliminary invitation list

  • Understanding the three essential elements of any Marketing Plan:
  • Where are you now and where are you going
  • What will it take to get there

Build a working outline for a recent company acquisition

  • Where Are You Now
  • What's your objective, vision, mission brand capabilities
  • Brand Positioning
  • Situation Analysis
  • Business Prospects
  • Competition,
  • SWOT

Build a specific Marketing Plan

  • Presentation, discussion and implications of the hands-on Marketing Plan 
  • Summary, Q&A, wrap up and invitation to make Marketing Plan a fundamental discipline and fixture in your business planning