3 Ways Your Approach to B2B Positioning Can Drive Momentum, Not Just Messaging

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Traditional positioning answers one primary question: What do you do better than anyone else? While still popular, this approach can be inwardly focused and miss key unmet needs and opportunities in the market. Worse, it rarely captures the essence of your company or the passion that your cultural and brand differences can inspire to drive meaningful change.

Our approach, honed over 15 years of working with innovative brands in healthcare and technology, seeks to answer a different question: What are you fighting for? PJA’s methodology captures the essence of what makes you unique while identifying a higher-order level of change that motivates buyers and builds on your success.

During this session, PJA will share B2B case studies from the technology, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. We’ll discuss positions based on our process, highlight some of the creative campaigns that resulted, and offer tips for you to look at positioning in a way that leads to greater commercial insight, thought leadership, and business results.

 You will learn about:

  • The shortfalls of traditional positioning – “Frankensteined,” one-size-fits-all statements that make successful creative expressions almost impossible — and how they stifle effective creative expressions
  • How to root your position in an aspirational brand role: the practical, hard-working persona that articulates how you’ll make things better by working with your customers
  • How the best positioning includes initial creative expressions to bring the words to life
  • Valuable tools and exercises you can use to generate useful positioning elements quickly

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Start: Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 3:00pm

End: Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 4:00pm



Mike O’Toole
PJA Advertising + Marketing

Hugh Kennedy
EVP Planning, Partner
PJA Advertising + Marketing