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Zero to Hero: A Data-Driven Dance Between Zero Party Data and AI

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Join us for a webinar featuring Tod Loofbourrow, CEO of ViralGains and a renowned authority in the Artificial Intelligence domain with three decades of industry experience and teaching stints at Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. This session is tailored for marketing leaders, focusing on the strategic interplay between zero party data and AI to revolutionize advertising practices.Key topics will include:

  • Advanced Understanding of Zero Party Data: Gain an in-depth comprehension of zero party data, its competitive edge over other commonly used data, and its transformative power in light of evolving privacy regulations.
  • Strategic Utilization of Zero Party Data: Explore actionable strategies and real-world brand success stories illustrating how zero party data can be employed to craft more effective, genuine, and compelling advertising campaigns that yield measurable outcomes.
  • AI as a Catalyst for Scale and Innovation: Discover how AI can amplify the impact of zero party data, enabling the creation of broader, more effective audience engagement strategies.

This webinar is designed to equip marketing leadership with the knowledge and foresight to navigate the rapidly evolving advertising landscape of 2024. Emphasizing the necessity of integrating zero party data and AI, we’ll uncover how these elements are becoming indispensable for brands striving to deliver highly personalized, privacy-aware advertising campaigns.Join us to reshape your advertising strategy for the future.

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Start: Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 1:00pm

End: Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 1:30pm



Tod Loofbourrow