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Hype Over Social Networks and Mobile Marketing Among Multicultural Marketers- AdAge

THE ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL ADVERTISERS is anticipating a slowdown in 2008, due to softening in certain economic centers. But it also forecasts that a boom in political ad spending will help offset the blow to ad revenues.

ANA: Political Ads Will Abate Ad Revenue Slowdown- MediaPost Publications

THE ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL ADVERTISERS is anticipating a slowdown in 2008, due to softening in certain economic centers. But it also forecasts that a boom in political ad spending will help offset the blow to ad revenues.

Advertisers Demand Accurate Online Audience Measures Before Increasing Web Ad Spending - Associated Press

Online advertising jumped 25 percent this year, raking in a cool $20 billion, but Internet executives say that figure could have been even higher if advertisers had reliable and consistent ways to measure online audiences. Unlike traditional media, where each format has one main ratings provider — The Nielsen Co. for television, Arbitron Inc. for radio and so on — there are many sources of data on online audiences. And they frequently conflict.

Pohly Company Wins Award for Excellence in Magazine Design — PR Web

Top custom publishing company The Pohly Company has received recognition by the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) for excellence in magazine design. Boston, MA (Overdrive/PRWEB ) December 14, 2007 -- Top custom publishing company The Pohly Company has received recognition by the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) for excellence in magazine design. At the 2007 Pearl Awards, The Pohly Company was honored with the bronze award for Best Overall Design for The Advertiser, produced for the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

"Ugly Betty", "Heroes" Earn Top Honors at Family Friendly Awards - Hollywood Reporter

ABC's "Ugly Betty" and NBC's "Heroes" took top honors Wednesday night at the Family Friendly Programming Forum's ninth annual Family Television Awards, which recognizes "outstanding programming for family viewing."

ANA 2007 Multicultural Conference: Strong Hispanic Market Content and Record Attendance-

This year’s recently held Association of National Advertisers (ANA) two-day 2007 Multicultural Marketing Conference with strong Hispanic market content had record attendance. Approximately 430 advertising industry executives from across the United States met in Boca Raton, Florida.

Photo Blog: Multicultural Marketing Conference Highlights

Photo Blog: Multicultural Marketing Conference Highlights Now in its ninth year, the ANA Multicultural Marketing Conference has become the industry

At ANA Multicultural Conference: Moving Beyond Demographics to Help Advertisers Understand African-American Consumers — AdAge

Is the ad targeting a Fly Girl really engaging and reaching your target? Which medium is a must to reach Devouts and which brands resonate with this segment? Just a few of the questions that Starcom Media Group hopes to begin to uncover for marketers starting with the just-released study Beyond Demographics. One of the highlights of the ANA Conference was the Beyond Demographics presentation by Nat Irvin, founder of Future Focus 2020, who wrote The Arrival of the Thrivals, and Esther Franklin, exec VP-director of cultural identities, SMG Multicultural at Starcom Media Group. The session, which was unfortunately scheduled at the end of the conference after most attendees had departed for flights, presented the most innovative information of the conference for marketers, agencies and media companies targeting African-American consumers.

ANA/Booz Allen Hamilton Survey: CMOs Must Be "Growth Champions" To Align With Boss' Agenda

It's time for CMOs to rise to the stature of C-suite players. To date, the CMO has not lived up to the CEO's expectations and needs. Too often, the marketing department's focus has been poorly aligned with the CEO's agenda. Weak information flow, functional ambiguity and leadership second-guessing have crippled the CMO's influence. The result? Failure to optimize the complex array of responsibilities needed to fulfill the CEO's agenda including: * Balancing traditional and new media investments. * Brand positioning. * Marketing accountability. * Organization management and development. * Business system streamlining. * Agency relations. * Cross-functional integration

Marketers Foresee a Boost In Multicultural Advertising Budgets — Portada Online

More than 430 attendees participated in the ANA Multicultural Conference yesterday and Monday in Boca Raton, FL.. The conference had a ratio of 60:40 per cent (60 per cent clients vs. 40 per cent Agency, Media, other)

New Study Offers Advertisers Effective Strategies For Reaching Black Consumers - Black Enterprise

November 7, 2007--With the buying power of African Americans projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2011, Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) and Dr. Nat Irvin II, University of Louisville professor and founder of Future Focus 2020, have conducted a study aimed at providing advertisers with a strategic approach to reaching black consumers. Released Tuesday at the Association of National Advertisers conference, SMG says the Beyond Demographics study underscores its desire to provide clients with the best way to value and measure their investment in the black community. Billed as the most detailed information on the African American buyer available to advertisers, SMG hopes to have it imbedded in the industry's metric system by the second quarter of 2008.

ANA Announces Winners of the 2007 Multicultural Excellence Awards

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) today announced the winners of the 2007 Multicultural Excellence Awards. Now in its seventh year, the awards recognize ANA member companies and marketers for producing outstanding multicultural advertising campaigns that ran between June 2006 and May 2007.

ANA Recognizes Marketers For Multicultural Efforts — MediaPost Publications

PROCTER & GAMBLE, PEPSI, TOYOTA, Anheuser-Busch and the California Department of Health were the big winners in the 2007 Multicultural Excellence Awards bestowed by the Association of National Advertisers at its Multicultural Marketing Conference in Boca Raton, Fla., on Tuesday. P&G won the African-American category for "Olay Definity." The agency behind the campaign was Burrell Communications.

ANA Releases Agency Compensation Survey- BtoB Online

The 14th triennial “Trends in Agency Compensation” study was conducted for the ANA by agency consultant David Beals and was based on an online survey of 98 marketers conducted between December and July. Of those agencies contemplating a switch in their agency compensation method, the top reason cited was to improve agency performance (53%), followed by cutting costs (47%) and simplifying administration (43%).

Marketers Agree Multicultural Customers Are Changing; What Worked Yesterday May Not Work Tomorrow- Destination CRM

BOCA RATON, FLA. -- As evidenced by the first day of the 2007 ANA Multicultural Marketing Conference here early this week, multicultural customers are forcing a "marketing reinvention," according to Bob Liodice, the ANA's chief executive officer. By factoring in multiculturalism, marketing is "elevating the conversation," according to keynote emcee Gilbert Davila, who set the fun tone of a serious discussion by joking about his height: "Now, if they could have brought me a stool, we could be on our way," said Davila, the vice president of multicultural marketing for The Walt Disney Co. Marketing is at its best when it engages the consumer, Davila said, and that conversation has to embrace the ever-expanding multicultural audience -- and adapt to an ever-changing consumer landscape.

ANA Study Reveals Interest In Different Agency Compensation Models

Today's rapidly changing marketplace, diverse media environment and a move for marketing accountability, are causing a rethinking in appropriate agency compensation models. This trend is foreshadowed by a slight uptick in compensation models from fee-based methods back to commission- based, finds the 14th triennial Trends in Agency Compensation study from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers). The study also found that only 25 percent of respondents are "very satisfied" with their current agency compensation approach. Of those respondents who are contemplating a change to their agency compensation method, more than 40 percent identified simpler administration as a reason for making the switch.

Internet 'Do Not Track' Registry: Fair or Foul Idea? - MediaPost Publications

TODAY AND FRIDAY, IN WHAT is billed as a town hall meeting, representatives from both sides of the online privacy issue will attend the Federal Trade Commission's workshop on the increasing use of tracking technology to target online ads. Several privacy groups this week called for a "Do Not Track" list similar to the popular "Do Not Call" list that would prevent advertisers from tracking consumers' online movements. Computer users should be notified when their surfing is tracked by online advertisers and Web publishers, argue the Consumer Federation of America, the World Privacy Forum and the Center for Democracy and Technology, among other groups in the coalition that brought forth the idea. Dan Jaffe, executive vice president/government relations for the Association of National Advertisers, calls the movement "a slogan rather than a well-thought-out concept." In fact, he says, such a move would hurt consumers because it would undermine economic efficiency.

"Masters of Marketing" Recipe For Success — Adage

The 97th ANA Masters of Marketing Conference has just concluded -- leaving behind a massive dose of insight and learning. We were all privileged to tap into the mind-sets of some of the most influential and powerful marketing minds in America today. After three days of this conference, I find myself in awe of this industry. It is big, it is complicated, it is confusing and it is ever-changing. There is lots of sage advice, there are boat loads of insights, there are tons of experiences to lean on -- but there is no blueprint or manual for success. In fact, we often don't know what success looks like. But it is fun -- if you can stand the wild and crazy ride. It's why we all participate in this field that marries so much art, that we often define as creativity, with an increasing level of science, which is becoming increasingly embedded in sound business-management practices. This conference was about hearing what the successful marketing professionals had on their minds. They are the ones who have found a bucket of order in a sea of consistent seismic ground shifts. Here are some of the snapshots of the key lessons espoused by the "Masters of Marketing."

American Federation of Musicians Renew Two Year Contract With Advertising Industry — Modern Guitars Magazine

The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and the advertising industry’s ANA/AAAA Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Union Relations (JPC) today announced an agreement on a two-year contract extension, effective October 17, 2007. The extension agreement must now be ratified by AFM membership, as well as approved by the boards of both ANA and AAAA.

Advertisers Play An Increasing Role in NATAS Emmy Awards - Shoot Online

PHOENIX, October 26, 2007, Robert Goldrich --- Clients scored in the field of nominations for broadband and personal television categories open to advertisers in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' (NATAS) annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards. In fact, reflecting the role that advertisers play in helping the development of technological approaches and creative usage of the Internet, cell phones and personal media players as well as interactive television, the nominees were announced during the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) annual conference earlier this month in Phoenix.

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