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Pre-Production Planning Checklist

Designed to assist with video pre-production, this tool identifies all the key milestones associated with this stage and allows for tracking the status of the project.

Video Production Stages Map

This tool outlines the video production process, illustrates the linear process for quality video production, and identifies the key components of each stage in the process.

New York City Ballet: Next-Gen Marketing for a Next-Gen Audience

To attract a new generation and remain culturally relevant, the New York City Ballet created the NYCB Art Series, which enhanced the relevance of attending a performance by transforming it into a sharable experience.

Decoupling Digital Content Production

Geoff Bado, senior manager of content production at Campbell Soup Company, shares the rationale behind the company’s digital decoupling process, and offers key learnings from the process that has led to cost savings for the company.

WrestleMania: Inside a Pop Culture Phenomenon

Over the past 30 years, WWE has evolved into an integrated digital and mobile media organization. Stephanie McMahon, chief brand officer at WWE, shares key learnings from three decades of WrestleMania.

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