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Training in Winning Organizations

According to the Marketing2020 study, training is the most important differentiator between over- and underperforming organizations. Forty-five percent of overperforming organizations have training programs tailored around specific needs versus 28 percent of underperformers.

CMOs & CFOs: Collision or Collaboration

According to a survey conducted by Active International, 77 percent of CMOs and 76 percent of CFOs believe that both positions must be aligned for a company to succeed. Read the full report to see more findings and what the results mean for both CMOs and CFOs.

The Internet of Things: Possibilities and Problems

The “Internet of Things,” an emerging market of connected devices, encompasses a vast array of everyday products. These devices can be used to collect data useful to advertisers, but fraught with privacy and security landmines. This presentation explains the issues surrounding the Internet of Things, and shares key goals for companies wishing to use it to its fullest advantage.

Under Attack: A Battle Plan for Defending, Counterattacking in and Settling False Advertising Cases

Once the preferred method for many consumer product companies to attack competitors, Lanham Act litigation is on the rise once again as an anti-competitive weapon. This presentation reveals the best defense strategies for Lanham Act claims, including motions to dismiss and counterclaims.

Deliverable Approval Template

Designed to be used at each stage of a project, this form helps to ensure that the requirements and expectations of project deliverables are met.

Lee Nadler Shares how MINI
Incites Passion with Content Marketing

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