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MasterCard Worldwide’s Approach to Digital Disruption

Michael Donnelly, senior vice president and group head of global digital marketing at MasterCard Worldwide, explains how MasterCard has integrated digital into its #PricelessSurprises campaign.

Customer Segmentation in the Age of Big Data

Even as digital technology influences the ways consumers see and interact with brands, data analytics has established a link between online behavior and geographic, demographic, and behavioral patterns.

Marketing ROI: Is What You're Measuring Really Marketing ROI?

Most of the current focus on Marketing ROI actually describes an aspect of marketing communications, writes Customer Manufacturing Group in this paper that provides an overview of marketing ROI.

Getting Millennials To Buy CPGs: Bring On The BOGOs

This article reviews a whitepaper from WPP’s Geometry Global, which clarifies some misconceptions about Millennial shoppers and outlines challenges in reaching them.

Marketing Automation Software Selection

This brief covers the benefits of marketing automation, demand generation, and lead generation, and shares an action plan for selecting the right vendor.

ANA Media Leadership:
Focusng on Bot Fraud in Digital Advertising

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