Committee Thought Leadership

Increasingly, ANA committees play thought leadership roles in addressing key industry issues.  Examples include:

  • The ANA Procurement Task Force is a group dedicated to elevating the role of marketing procurement. The task force is engaged in mentoring, the development of case studies and white papers that focus on the value and positive contributions of marketing procurement, and a webinar series for marketing procurement professionals.
  • The Marketing Sustainability Taskforce is a joint initiative of the ANA and the 4A's that focuses on the marketing supply chain and ways to make marketing and advertising (e.g., media, production, etc.) more sustainable.
  • "The Path to Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings" advocates for increased granularity of commercial ratings and reports on collaboration between Nielsen Media Research and ANA.

Committee thought leadership leverages the collective intelligence and power of multiple companies which can often accomplish more than an individual organization can on its own. For more ANA Industry Initiatives, go here.