Our Partner Programs

Our Partner Programs allow for the ultimate year-round partnership for a limited number of organizations.


Strategic Partner Program
ANA's most exclusive sponsorship level is that of ANA Strategic Partner. Strategic Partners are provided year-round access, speaking engagements, and networking across various ANA member touchpoints, including national industry conferences, the Masters of Marketing Annual Conference, members-only conferences, committee meetings, webinars, e-newsletters, and more. The Strategic Partner program is limited to 12 participants and has been sold out since its inception in 2010. 2018 partners include the following companies:

A&E Networks Active International AT&T Adworks Deloitte Digital
Facebook Google Meredith  
Pinterest Quantcast Twitter USPS

Thought Leadership Program
The cornerstone of the Thought Leadership program is curated content that showcases a partner's thought leadership. Each Thought Leader will participate in one four-page newsletter branded Forward, one Q&A with their CMO or senior executive, and up to two other pieces of content that will be distributed digitally in a blog-style format within ANA Newsstand. Other partner benefits include such touchpoints as exhibition at the Annual Masters of Marketing, one Webinar, complimentary conference passes, and associate membership to the ANA. The ANA Thought Leadership program is capped at 17 participants. 2018 partners include the following companies:

comcast Decideware
Liveramp RAB Simulmedia
theTradeDesk TVB USPS

Brand Activation Partner Program
The Brand Activation Partner program will enable partners to achieve exclusive, year-round activation with our members and companies focused on the six platforms of brand activation: relationship, influencer, promotion, content, experiential, and retailer marketing. Partners will participate and share thought leadership both locally and nationally through members-only conferences and events, at the Annual Brand Activation Conference, at share groups, webinars, committee meetings and slideshares. Partners will also enjoy complimentary conference passes and associate membership to the ANA. 

Fullscreen Media 
B2B Business Partner Program

Expanding to six Business Partners annually, partners will have regular access to B2B marketers throughout the year while making contributions and gaining exposure across ANA's growing portfolio of B2B member-focused programs. Partners will participate and share thought leadership both locally and nationally, at the Masters of B2B Marketing Conference, through members-only events (MOEs) and members-only conferences (MOCs), at committee meetings, in webinars, the ANA Newsstand, and B2B marketing slideshows. Partners also enjoy complimentary conference passes along with associate membership to the ANA. 


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