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Media Relations and PR Audit

A self-assessment to rate your capabilities across 6 key success drivers.

Media Specialist Job Description

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.

Meeting Agenda Template

A template to organize meeting topics, timelines, and speakers.

Meeting Minutes Template

A template to document meeting discussions and action items.

Message Mapping Tool

A template to document and assess the key messages that are important for your target audience to hear.

Mobile Application Type Assessment Tool

Use this tool to decide which type of mobile application your organization should focus on developing.

Mobile Device Policy Template

A policy for acceptable use of mobile devices by employees and contractors.

Mobile Marketing Business Case

A template to build a business case for an investment in a mobile marketing program.

Mobile Marketing Channel Selection Tool

A tool to evaluate mobile initiatives based on brand promotion quality, lead quality, and cost.

Mobile Marketing Competitive Tracking Tool

A template to identify and track the mobile marketing channels that your competitors are using.

Mobile Marketing Manager Job Description

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.

Mobile Marketing Metrics Dashboard

A simple dashboard to define your key metrics and track and report on your results.

Mobile Marketing Plan Methodology

Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 18 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive mobile marketing plan.

Mobile Marketing Planning Checklist

A checklist to ensure you have the right infrastructure to implement a mobile marketing program.

Mobile Marketing Project Charter

A charter to document project scope, decision rights, and executive sponsorship.

Mobile Marketing Readiness Assessment

A self-assessment to evaluate readiness to move forward with a mobile marketing initiative.

Mobile Marketing RFP Template

A template for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Mobile Marketing Consulting Services.

Mobile Marketing Risk Assessment

A template to document mobile marketing risks and develop risk mitigation plans.

Mobile Marketing Strategy Scorecard

A simple, one-page 'scorecard' to demonstrate your objectives, programs, metrics, and timeframes.

Mobile Marketing Usage Survey

Use this tool to get a better understanding of your employee, customer & target audience behaviors based on habits, interests, level of participation and current involvement across a variety of mobile channels.

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