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Social Media and Intellectual Property Infringement

Brian Murphy and Terri Seligman, partners at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC, and Tiffany Hall, counsel at Pernod Ricard USA, discussed the legal and business risks for companies which use social media.

Buying the Bridge: Beating Patent Trolls at Their Own Game

Marc Kaufman, partner at Reed Smith LLP, moderated a panel discussion with participants Tom Finneran, executive vice president, agency management services at 4A’s, Joshua Goodman, general counsel at Digitas, and Allen Yee, counsel for intellectual property litigation at The Coca-Cola Company, on ways in which the advertising industry can become a player in the patent marketplace to reduce the ability of Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) to arbitrage patents that could be asserted against advertisers and agencies.

SAG-AFTRA: One Union, One Industry

Doug Wood, partner at Reed Smith LLP, and Stacy Marcus, associate at Reed Smith LLP, provided updates on the SAG-AFTRA negotiations and how they may change the future of commercial production.

Ten Minute Solutions to Five of Your Biggest Problems

A panel of lawyers took turns discussing strategies they use to manage their brands in situations involving online privacy, celebrity endorsements, and class action lawsuits, among other topics.

What Will the Obama Administration and Congress Do to Advertising and Marketing?

Martin Frost, Shareholder, Polsinelli Shughart PC and Kenny Hulshof, Shareholder, Polsinelli Shughart PC, offered their insights into how tax reform, and the forthcoming debate over spending reductions is likely to evolve and impact advertising.

An Insider’s View of Media Measurement

George Ivie, executive director and chief executive officer at Media Rating Council, Inc., discussed MRC’s efforts around ad verification, viewable impressions, mobile measurement, and cross-media GFPs.

Millennials, Media, and Technology

Scott Hess, SVP of human intelligence, Spark Communications, provided an overview of Millennials, the largest living generation and the most coveted consumer group since the Baby Boom.

MillerCoors: Scoring Results Through Engagement

Brad Feinberg, media group manager at MillerCoors LLC, discussed how the brand has leveraged sports to engage and entertain consumers, especially Hispanic consumers

The Innovation Imperative

Joseph Jaffe, founder and partner of Evol8tion, LLC, discussed how brands can benefit from technology-based innovation and partnering with startups.

International Media Management

Gerhard Louw, senior manager, international media management atDeutsche Telekom, discussed the “complexity tsunami” affecting media managers, and shared two campaigns from T-Mobile Europethat demonstrate the company’s media management strategy.

Kellogg: The Future of Media Is Here

Jon Suarez-Davis, vice president, global digital strategy and North America media at Kellogg Co., discussed the core capabilities Kellogg identifies as essential to sustain a competitive media advantage in the digital age.

Omni-Channel Marketing at Macy’s

In this video, Jennifer Kasper, group vice president, digital media and multicultural marketing, Macy’s, discussed how mobile fits into Macy’s business strategy.

Opening Keynote: The Media Revolution

Bob Liodice, president and chief executive officer ofANA, discussed what actions need to be taken by advertisers, agencies, and media to improve measurement, build transparency, and demonstrate that self-regulation, not government regulation, is the answer.

Subway’s Fresh Take on Content

Tony Pace, chief marketing officer of Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, discussed the importance of content and media for Subway.

Onsite Insight: Deutsche Telekom’s Gerhard Louw on Innovation through Collaboration

2013 ANA Media Leadership Conference: Gerhard Louw, senior manager of international media management at Deutsche Telekom, speaks with Ken Beaulieu, senior director of marketing and communications at the ANA, about why innovation through collaboration is one of the keys to media success.

Onsite Insight: YouTube's Tara Walpert Levy on Today's Most Pressing Marketing Challenges

Tara Walpert Levy, managing director of ad market development for Google and YouTube, discusses the most pressing challenges marketers face today, as well as her definition of "customer engagement."

Onsite Insight: Pantone's Ron Potesky on the Secret to Creativity

In the video below, Ron Potesky, senior vice president and general manager at Pantone, explains why making mistakes and taking risks is the key to building a creative culture. Potesky was among the featured speakers at the 2012 ANA Creativity Conference, presented by Ogilvy.

Content Marketing Panel: Creating New Relationships and Revenue Streams

A panel of publishers and experts at the Alliance for Audited Media’s annual conference discussed how to use content marketing to develop audiences and increase engagement.

Data Panel: Who Owns What and Where Does Privacy Fit In?

A panel of professionals, who both use and produce consumer data, shared their fresh perspectives on big data at the Alliance for Audited Media’s annual conference.

Social Media Panel: Engagement vs. Likes

A panel of social media experts at the Alliance for Audited Media’s annual conference discussed how brands and publishers can use social media to create engagement.

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