The Essentials of Digital Media Strategy (Half Day)

Digital technology has created a chaotic and rapidly changing media and marketing landscape.  Marketers are experiencing an increasingly fragmented, ever expanding universe of media solutions, platforms, measurement systems, vendors and agency support models.  Marketers must be able to find ways to sift through what is relevant to them and their brands in order to channel their agency’s energy to the tasks that will drive meaningful brand value and maximize the market performance of their media investment.

Marketing Strategy remains at the center of all Media decisions.  This workshop is designed to elevate a participant’s comprehension and understanding of current digital media landscape, and how they can use Marketing Strategy as a filter to force a disciplined approach to make strategic and tactical digital media selections and decisions.  Through the use of case studies, real examples, exercises, tools and Q&A sessions, participants will learn how to more tightly connect all aspects of digital media planning and buying to their marketing strategy and marketing mix.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Executives participating in digital media program development and decision-making who want to better understand how to apply digital media
  • Mid- to senior-level marketers, along with other marketing-related personnel, who want to increase their knowledge of current digital media topics

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Appreciate that optimal use of digital media, similar to offline media, is an extension of brand marketing strategy
  • Filter through the wide array of digital media offerings and lock into the ones that will make the biggest difference to your brand 

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Steve Palmisano

Steve Palmisano is the founder of AdElevate, a media consulting company he launched in 2012 that leverages his deep experience for clients who do not possess in-house, senior-level media expertise. Steve began his career in media planning at Y&R in 1981, moving to the client side after launching Advil, then the largest Rx-to-OTC launch. Promoted to advertising director for Whitehall Laboratories in 1987, he went on to have many operational responsibilities within the company’s in-house media buying agency. In late 2010, at what was now called Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Steve reshaped the company’s marketing services vision, which included reporting responsibilities for the Customer Contact Center, Medical Marketing, and a Promotional Review team. Steve is a member of the ANA Faculty who brings with him a long history of collaboratively driving strong dominant brands in both general and multicultural markets.