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The Modern Marketing Organization

Marketing is more customer-centric and more content driven than ever before, reflected in the way companies are organizing their marketing departments. This guide provides a definition of the modern marketing organization, its evolution and shape, and roles and responsibilities.

Report on Global Agency Remuneration Trends and the Use of Performance Metrics

Agency remuneration continues to be a priority topic for marketers as pressure on marketing budgets increases. This report provides insights into how trends in this space are evolving and the practice of rewarding agencies based on performance.

Programmatic Buying

This ANA brief explores programmatic buying, sharing insights on how it works through an agency trading desk, best practices for managing agency fees, considerations for taking programmatic buying in-house, and lessons from successful case studies.

PR Agency Industry 2014 Billing Rates and Utilization Report: By Agency Size, Region and Specialty

This report provides insight into the workings of PR agencies and outlines average hourly billing rates for PR professionals working in various industries as well as rates by agency size and geographic region.

Clear Brand Positioning: A Winning Characteristic

A clear brand purpose is a major driver of business growth as it helps brands stay connected with consumers and can help bring a company’s employees together. Winning organizations have a clearer brand positioning and higher internal brand engagement when compared to underperformers, according to this survey report.

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