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We know that not everyone can travel to the Masters of Marketing Conference, so we have decided to stream it live! It's a great way to see sessions as they happen. Please note that the conference is being held in Florida and Live Streaming will take place Eastern Daylight Time. The sessions will be recorded and posted online for 2 weeks and can be viewed on demand during that time period. Only the general sessions will be recorded and streamed, the meal functions and entertainment will not be viewable. 

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

8:15 AM

General Session

Marc S. Pritchard
Global Marketing & Brand Building Officer - Procter & Gamble

Kimberly Kadlec
Worldwide Vice President of the Global Marketing Group - Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.

Now Marketing: Empowering Consumers, Building Enduring Brands
For 125 years, Johnson & Johnson has created products that help make families healthier and safer. Today the company is creating marketing programs that empower, engage, and educate families in surprising ways. J&J is reinvigorating some of its oldest brands by being fearless and scrappy. It is creating stories and using technology that hit families where they "live" -- in their communities, on their phones, in their homes, and in their hearts.

Kim Kadlec, who champions new ways of thinking about marketing in this hyper-connected world, will share some of the game-changing initiatives she calls “now marketing” that have helped J&J comfort and connect with people of all ages, everywhere. In challenging other marketers to take action, she will share how they can ditch old thinking, build stronger relationships with their consumers, and grow profitable brands with staying power.

Gatlin D/E

10:20 AM

General Session cont'd.

Neil Golden
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer - McDonald's USA, LLC

Changing Customer Perception in an Inspirational Way
How does a brand close the gap between customer perception and company reality? McDonald’s stands for great-tasting quality food, great people, and strong community partnerships. The brand is committed to doing what’s right for all customers and offers more variety and balance in its menu than ever before. But as the industry leader, its reputation is frequently called into question. Serving 28 million people a day in the U.S., McDonald’s has the ability to change the conversation. In this presentation, Neil Golden will discuss how a brand must evolve and share its story in a way that inspires people to listen.

David E. Sanger
The New York Times

Alfredo Gangotena
Chief Marketing Officer - MasterCard Worldwide

MasterCard Worldwide: Extending the Brand Experience
As consumer habits evolve and technologies converge, MasterCard is extending its brand to create greater utility for consumers by enabling priceless experiences and programs to make their lives easier. The goal is to build stronger brand connections with consumers that increase loyalty and purchase behavior. In this presentation, Alfredo Gangotena will illustrate this journey with programs and products from around the world.

Gatlin D/E

2:00 PM

General Session cont'd.

Ted W. Woehrle
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer - Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

John Kenny
Executive Vice President, Head of Planning - Draftfcb Chicago

From Commodity to Community: How Sharpie Unlocked the Power of Self-Expression to Ignite Consumer Advocacy
For some people a pen is a pen. But it can be more than that because writing and drawing convey fundamental emotions and help us express ourselves. Sharpie has tapped into the emotional side of writing and self-expression to drive market share growth year after year.

In this presentation, Ted Woehrle will explain how Sharpie bonded with consumers to transcend a commoditized category. The Sharpie team first used integrated marketing platforms to connect with consumers and unlock the power of self-expression. Then the team created forums to unite passionate brand advocates. Sharpie’s ability to imaginatively bond with its consumers has led to business growth and highly recognized creative work.

Luke Dowdney MBE
Chief Executive Officer & Founder - Luta Limited

Making a Difference by Living a Good Cause
Luta Limited, the world’s first social training-wear company, gives 50 percent of its distributed profits to Fight for Peace, an international non-profit organization based in in Rio de Janeiro that helps young people realize their potential in communities that suffer from crime and violence. Fight for Peace has a total of 87 staff and directly serves 2,250 young people per year. The organization will train 120 community-based organizations globally between now and 2015, benefiting some 72,000 young people. Luke Dowdney will discuss the synergies between Luta’s brand DNA, product range, and marketing strategy and Fight for Peace’s mission. As he will explain, Luta doesn’t just donate money to a good cause, it lives that cause in everything it does within the marketplace.

Gatlin D/E

Friday, October 12, 2012
8:15 AM General Session

Jim Farley
Group Vice-President of Global Marketing, Sales & Service - Ford Motor Company

Placing Your Brand at the Heart of Business Decisions
Ford Motor Co. is operating in challenging, formational times. Changes in the purchasing process, sources of influence, and in how consumers are gaining information are revolutionary. They can either be damaging or incredibly empowering to Ford depending on how Jim Farley and his team react.

In this presentation, Farley will argue that marketing needs to be deeply rooted in the organization, with the brand placed at the heart of business decisions because increasing brand strength is what will drive Ford’s future growth. It is especially essential now because consumers have more power than ever before, and with power comes influence. The need to grow advocacy means there’s huge pressure to be authentic. Authentic in our products, actions, communications -- even in the media we all inhabit. To truly be authentic, Farley will suggest that brands like Ford need to redefine their relationships with media organizations to make them a part of the creative process, invest in consumer advocacy, and nail executions. This demands a clear understanding of who you are as a brand.

Keith Weed
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer - Unilever

Unilever - Creating an Engine for Consumer-Lead Growth
Given the rapid pace of our changing world, driven by the digital revolution, economic crises and resource-constraints, the need for responsible business has never been greater.  Business leaders, marketers and advertising professionals need to rethink their approaches to keep ahead of consumers.

At Unilever, we’ve committed to doubling the size of our business while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our social impact.  We are embedding Sustainable Living through our new marketing strategy, ‘Crafting Brands for Life,’ which puts people first, builds brand love and unlocks the magic of our brands.

Keith Weed will explain how Unilever is creating an engine for consumer-led growth that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable, and why the industry as a whole should take action to make Sustainable Living commonplace.

Brian Pope
Senior Vice President of Marketing - popchips

Building a Social Brand (and Creating a Category) One Snacker at a Time
Starting with a mission to put the fun back into snacking, popchips has leveraged grassroots marketing, social media, and word of mouth from a growing group of passionate evangelists to create a new category of popped snacks. With the help of some high-profile investors, including Ashton Kutcher, who helps drive social media as the "President of Pop Culture," and its newest Popstar, Katy Perry, popchips has created high visibility, huge buzz, and overall excitement about its brand in the social space. Brian Pope will discuss the journey of turning popchips from an idea to one of today’s hottest brands, all while building a loyal fan following and facing increasing competition from much bigger players in the snack category.

Gatlin D/E

10:35 AM General Session cont'd.

Lisa Cochrane
Senior Vice President of Marketing - Allstate Insurance Co.

Embracing the Mayhem:Allstate’s Unconventional Road Trip
Allstate has turned the once sleepy insurance industry into one full of cultural relevancy and influence. What’s the method behind its Mayhem? Asking Allstate’s marketing and agency team to thrive in an environment that’s comfortable with the uncomfortable. Driving unexpected tactics and new channels to engage consumers while staying fiercely true to the brand’s purpose. And avoiding the blind spots inherent in working with a passionate sales force.

Lisa Cochrane introduced Mayhem to change the conversation, create head-turning advertising about the recession, and lead the charge up Capitol Hill to stop teen driving fatalities. Taking the road less traveled doesn’t come without a few detours and roundabouts, but in this session, you will learn they are all part of the journey that has resulted in multiple concurrent award-winning campaigns under the You're In Good Hands umbrella.

Alison E. Lewis
Senior Vice President of Marketing, North America - The Coca-Cola Company

Katie J. Bayne
President & General Manager, Sparkling Beverages - Coca-Cola North America

Coca-Cola’s Winning Partnership
Even global brands can lose their way in a rapidly changing world. The story of Coca-Cola not only illustrates how this can happen, but also shows how the partnership between the category business unit and the strategic marketing team and a strategic plan to link their efforts took this iconic brand and The Company back to new heights. Alison Lewis and Katie Bayne will explain how the partnership took Coca-Cola to new heights.

Luc Bardin
Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer & Group Vice President - BP p.l.c.

John Seifert
Chairman & CEO - Ogilvy & Mather North America

Gatlin D/E

Saturday, October 13, 2012

8:15 AM

General Session

Paul Matsen
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer - The Cleveland Clinic

Building A Global Brand Through Trusted Content
The global healthcare landscape is undergoing transformational change, yet the industry remains highly fragmented as most healthcare provider brands are strictly local. Cleveland Clinic has built one of the world’s most recognized and trusted healthcare brands by taking an innovative approach to content marketing. Without the benefit of large paid media budgets, the Clinic has developed strategies and platforms to distribute trusted medical and wellness content.

Paul Matsen will share the programs and results that have made the Cleveland Clinic a leader in content marketing. He will explain how earned media can turn a brand into a thought leader while also driving volume for key service lines. Additionally, Mr. Matsen will discuss how to use content to drive volume through paid search and highly targeted display and print advertising, and share key lessons to help you apply this learning to your business.

Marc de Swaan Arons
Founder & Executive Chairman - EffectiveBrands

Organizing Marketing for Purposeful Brand Growth in the Social Age
Is there is a more challenging, exhilarating era in history to be a brand marketer? Social media allows companies to reach consumers around the globe more efficiently than ever and inspire new brand advocates across the web at any time, day or night. But how can you organize and evolve the marketing organization so that it becomes social marketing ready?

Over the past decade, EffectiveBrands has carried out the Leading Global Brands benchmarking study to determine what it takes to win in marketing. The company expanded the study to focus on how brands can drive competitive advantage via social marketing readiness. In this presentation, Marc de Swaan Arons will share tools and insights organizations can apply for purposeful brand growth in the social age. The presentation includes examples from Coca Cola, Hershey, Diageo, Unilever, and many other leading brands.

Harit Talwar
Executive Vice President, President, U.S. Cards - Discover Financial Services

John B. Adams
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - The Martin Agency Inc.

Finding Opportunity in Adversity
The credit card category is hyper-competitive, faces severe economic and regulatory uncertainty, is not trusted by consumers, and is not growing. Harit Talwar will explain how Discover strengthened its position and differentiated the brand through a simple and powerful reliance on exceptional customer service and strong rewards to build loyalty. The customer service icon, Peggy, was leveraged beyond advertising to create conversations with customers, and it provides a platform for brand reinvigoration. This, along with other programs, helped the company earn an all-time record net income last year.

Saga Shoffner
Vice President, Global Marketing - Owens-Illinois

Evelyn Neill
Executive Creative Director - Doremus

Creating a Worldwide Movement to Build a Brand
How do you stop a slide, change direction, and start a movement all in one year? Saga Shoffner, of Owens-Illinois, the world’s largest manufacturer of glass packaging, and Evelyn Neill, of the global agency Doremus, will discuss their mission to build a glass brand by raising the glass industry. This is not just a story of growth. As they will explain, it is a story of re-invention and creating a worldwide movement.

Gatlin D

11:30 AM

Conference Adjournment