ANA, 4A's, AAF Submit Reply Comments to FCC on Commercial Ratings

ANA, along with the 4A's and the AAF, has filed reply comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on its Notice of Inquiry seeking input on whether television ratings should be applied to commercials, allowing them to be blocked by technologies such as the v-chip. 

We filed comments in April urging the Commission to disavow any effort to require content ratings for TV commercials so that the V-chip could be used to block them.  Several advocacy groups also filed comments detailing a "wish list" of programming or commercial matter they would like to see blocked.  Our new comments argue that in the current economy, the last thing the FCC should consider is a speculative regulatory regime that would seek to target and eliminate advertising. 

You can read more about our filing on Dan Jaffe's Regulatory Rumblings blog