ANA to Networks: Sidebar Pillar Real Estate of Ads Belongs to Advertiser

December 10, 2010 - New York, N.Y. - The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) Television & Video Committee has issued a point-of-view statement strongly urging television networks to immediately stop the practice of filling sidebar pillars with network logos or promotions.

In the statement, the Committee points out that the pillars appearing to the right and left sidebars of some advertisements on the network high-definition feeds belong to the advertiser unless otherwise agreed, or unless the concurrent program content is part of the regular network programming format (i.e. - sports / stock tickers). Otherwise, this area should be left alone and unenhanced. Any network logo or promotion competes for the viewers' attention, therefore devaluing the advertisement and reducing its effectiveness.

The ANA Television & Video Committee suggests that the networks come to advertisers and offer creative ways to use this space.

Bill Duggan, ANA Group Executive Vice President is available to comment on this issue. To set up a time to speak with Bill, contact Luna Newton at (917) 595-3061 or

For a full copy of the Committee's POV, please visit


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