ANA Committee Member Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from our committee members:

The ANA committee membership provides access to best practices and processes that have worked in the real world. I highly recommend!
Nikki Gainey, Director, Global Business Analysis, GE Healthcare

The ANA provides great information and opportunity for engagement with peer companies' marketing teams. To say this exposure and ability to engage with other marketing teams is valuable would be an understatement. I've been able to begin developing relationships with some of my peers, gaining great insight and good opportunities for information sharing around best practices and trends they're seeing in their organizations.
Dana Kelly, MarCom Manager, Autodesk, Inc.

Participating in an ANA committee meeting is an opportunity to broaden your thinking and apply what others are doing to the challenges you face in your company.
Kevin Scully, Director, Brand Systems, IBM Corporation

The ANA membership continues to be the best investment my company has made for me to do my job. From the networking and shared best practices to simply re-energizing my passion & excitement for all things marketing and advertising - the ANA is great!
Gary Schechner, Lead Marketing Programs Specialist, BP P.l.c.

The ANA case studies available have been key to my business acumen. The best part of these available resources are the learnings and insights I have taken away, to help me with my own business analytics in sponsorships, agency financial management, and agency consolidation.
Rocio Sotelo, Senior Financial Analyst, Intel Corporation

The ANA committee meetings are an invaluable benefit of our ANA membership. The small group model is ideal for sharing ideas and insights in a very interactive and meaningful way.
Lisa Pacenza, Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

I think the ANA committees are a great for anyone who is looking to get connected into our industry and understand what others are doing to drive success.
Eric Andrews, Vice President, Marketing Operations and Demand, Juniper Networks

Over the past few years, we have become further engaged with the ANA by attending conferences, joining committees and attending them frequently, hosting meetings, presenting at meetings, joining webinars, participating in and utilizing research, mentoring, etc. We have found extreme value in networking, benchmarking, getting insights into "what's next", the mentorship program, etc. We will continue to grow our engagement and encourage others to do so. That is the best way for us all to help one another, which in the end is what these organizations are all about.
Mary Ann Brennan, Senior Director, Global Procurement, Mattel, Inc.

Committee meetings are a chance to hear and discuss new techniques with other professionals. I also use committee meetings to ask if others have experience in areas to learn how they approach a particular issue.
Randy Berkowitz, Vice President, Market Research, Combe Incorporated

We are all running on adrenaline 24/7 and staying on top of marketing trends - especially in the lightning speed within the social space. The ANA committee meetings I have attended have always provided me with insight to take back to my office and apply. In addition, the networking with industry and non-industry peers is invaluable.
Heather Romero, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Meeting others and learning from them allows me to benchmark our practices, formulate and generate innovative ideas, and share findings from our own experiences in the area of marketing communications and social media.
Judy Velasquez,Content Manager, 24 Hour Fitness