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Resources For Media Agency Contract Compliance, Media Auditing and Related Services

The companies listed below are available resources for media audits and media agency contract compliance. ANA is unable to recommend or endorse any one organization. For companies not listed, but would like to be, please contact Bill Duggan (

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Accenture Media Management

Relevant services:

  • Financial Compliance
  • Media Benchmarking
  • Media Strategy and Consulting
  • Media Verification

Perianne Grignon
Senior Client Relationship Lead

Advertising Audit and Risk Management (AARM)

Relevant services:

  • Agency financial management auditingand advisory services
  • Media contract compliance andtransparency auditing

Jim Bean
Principal and Co-founder


Cortex Media

Relevant services:

  • Agency Contract Review, Best Practices and Transparency
  • Financial Media Audits and Contract Compliance
  • Media Cost/Quality Benchmarking and Performance Auditing

Roland Janisse
Managing Partner

DG2 Worldwide Group

Relevant services:

  • Advertising and marketing audits
  • Contract review, best practices, and transparency
  • Financial Compliance
  • Media Benchmarking
  • Media Strategy and Consulting
  • Media Verification

Michael Lay
Chief Executive Officer

Ebiquity and FirmDecisions

Ebiquity relevant services:

  • Marketing Performance Optimization
  • Media Value Measurement

Nick Manning
Chief Strategy Officer, Ebiquity

FirmDecisions relevant services:

  • Contract Compliance
  • Marketing Auditing

Stephen Broderick
Chief Executive Officer, Firm Decisions

Note: FirmDecisions is a subsidiary of Ebiquity

Grant Thornton

Relevant services:

  • Contract review
  • Media agency contract compliance audits
  • Forensic, investigative and dispute services

Lawrence Griff
Partner in Charge

isd, Inc.

Relevant services:

  • Media audits and benchmarking
  • Media process and performance evaluation
  • Media attribution and optimization

George Searle
Chief Executive Officer


Relevant services:

  • Internal Media Management Process Assessments
  • Media Agency Buying Performance Assessments
  • Media Agency Financial and Operational Contract Compliance Assessments

Kevin T. Sheehan
Partner, Advisory, U.S. Lead Media, Marketing and Promotional Agency Contract Compliance Services


Relevant services:

  • Agency contract review, compensation benchmarking, and transparency best practices
  • Client media management operations, benchmarking, and best practices
  • Marketing organizational structures and processes
  • Agency performance evaluation, relationship optimization, and agency reviews

Michael Kassan
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Media Management Inc. (MMI)

Relevant services:

  • Contract Development
  • Media Audits
  • Media Performance Criteria Development

Thomas Bridge
Chief Executive Officer

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Relevant services:

  • Media Agency Audits (buying performance)
  • Media Agency Contract Compliance

Ken Fakler
Managing Director

ReedSmith LLP

Relevant services:

Reed Smith has developed a media
agency Master Media Planning &
Buying Services Agreement
can be used by advertisers in
developing their own agency agreements.

Douglas Wood

Siegal Advisory Solutions, Inc.

Relevant services:

  • Media auditing
  • Collaborative, non-confrontational marketing and media agency compliance auditing
  • Operational process improvement services

Bob Siegal

 Wanamaker Associates

Relevant services:

  • Agency performance evaluations with client satisfaction benchmarking
  • Contract and Compensation Design/Evaluation/Audit
  • Media Auditing and Benchmarking
  • Process improvement studies

Kenneth Bowes
President, Founding Partner

As of July 2017