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Dare to Be Bold

Cultivating a corporate culture of innovation requires the freedom to fail. These days, playing it safe is just too risky. Learn how Columbia Records, Kraft Foods, and MillerCoors are leading the way.

From the Top: Ad-ID, the Time Is Now!

In late summer 2012, the ANA’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to make Ad-ID the industry standard for all advertising asset coding by January 2014. There are no more excuses for not employing this universal standard for coding advertising assets.

Getting Creative with Outdoor Media

At a time when media clutter is at a record high and capturing consumers’ attention is not as easy as it used to be, advertisers in more and more sectors are using out-of-home (OOH) media not only as a way for their brands to stand out, but as an entry point for consumer engagement.

Growing Pains

A new ANA survey finds that usage of social, video, and mobile platforms continues to rise, but measurement remains a concern. Learn what the top issues in newer media are for marketers.

Marketing to Millennials

Marketers will need to reassess their strategies as multicultural millennials become the dominant consumer group in North America. Find out how Brisk Iced tea, Nissan, and Campbell’s have all targeted this segment in recent campaigns.

Mining the Depths of Digital

An unprecedented volume of data, and the technologies that allow marketers to use it, are driving major breakthroughs in digital marketing. Separating the wheat from the chaff in this enormous and rapidly changing universe is a critical challenge that brand marketers face every day.

Redefining Performance for the 21st-Century Brand

The four Cs of a customer-centric brand (customer experience, competency, commitment, customer intelligence) are helping companies overcome challenges and make the most of their resources and data.

Standing Out

Companies are rethinking brand differentiation for competitive advantage. Standing apart from the immediate competitors should be one of the basics of modern marketing, advertising, and branding.

The Mojo of SoLoMo

For Walmart’s Stephen Quinn, ANA’s new board chair, the convergence of social, local, and mobile (SoLoMo) spells revolution. Quinn also weighs in on some of the topics he hopes will produce spirited discussion over the course of his term.

What’s In Store for Customers

Analytics help engage customers and save the brand $500,000 annually. To more effectively measure the impact of its online marketing initiatives on store sales, increased its analytical capabilities with a data mining solution.

Beyond the Coupon

Mobile campaigns can cut through the clutter and offer more than just discounts. Learn about how brands, including JCPenney and Target, are marrying social and mobile marketing during the back-to-school season.

Changes in Latitude

Mobile devices have changed consumer behavior — and advertising. Mobile offers advertisers unprecedented location-based targeting capabilities and makes it possible to effectively reach consumers.

On Target

Brands are using mobile marketing to reach the right customers, in the right place, at the right time. A variety of mobile tactics are being used including behavioral, location-based, demographic, and contextual targeting.

5 Ways to Finish Strong in 2012

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, but maximizing brand value and equity demands a strong finish as the year winds down. Discover strategies marketers are embracing to make sure they finish strong in 2012.

Brave New Moms

New research explores how technology is impacting family time. The study shows how brands can help moms make the most of the time they spend with their families.

From the Top: Online Privacy

Privacy is one of the most complicated and convoluted issues facing the marketing industry. When the question is how to control online data tracking, Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, says self-regulation is the answer.

Getting from Good to Great

For all the hard work generated by scores of skilled people and many millions of dollars, marketing efforts often end up being flat, detached, and forgettable. Discover six pieces of advice for marketers on how to produce better work.

Global Multichannel Marketing

Evolving technologies and emerging markets have advanced both consumer-facing campaign opportunities and the infrastructure needed to effectively communicate, customize, and react to conditions in markets throughout the world. Learn about best practices for implementing operational standards in a rapidly changing environment.

Go Here Now

Discover seven hot spots to meet moms, who represent a $2.4 trillion market in the United States. These locations include social networks, mobile devices, and direct sales parties.

Managing Metrics into the Future

As many marketers can attest, online media has not yet reached its full potential as a branding tool, since the metrics used are often inconsistent and confusing. The ANA is teaming up with industry partners to rethink measurement in the digital age.

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