Optimizing Your Ad Production Spend: An Integrated Approach

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How to Get More Value

Want to get the most out of your ad production dollar? This workshop will present the strategies for procuring the best deals within the ad production supply chain, including leveraging creative assets, making the most of production incentives, setting up preferred vendor deals, optimizing your spend, etc. Through discussions and case studies, participants will learn what drives the costs of producing content for TV, print/OOH, web videos, websites, mobile, social, and banner ads. Participants will come away with best practices that will positively affect their production process and budgets.

Using the ANA L.E.A.D. learning approach, you will:

  • Learn the latest processes and cost drivers for getting the most value out of your content and advertising productions across all mediums (video, print, digital)
  • Experience how to become a more effective contributor in the integrated production process
  • Apply learning as you work on an integrated production project throughout the day and identify best practices for production management
  • Discover new ways of thinking about content production and implement an action plan you can use at your company

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Those responsible for producing content and advertising for their brands, including all levels of brand marketing, advertising managers, procurement, and sourcing professionals

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Understand your roles and responsibilities throughout the production process in order to communicate effectively and address time-sensitive decisions
  • Budget appropriately for your projects and learn what drives the costs for your productions, including the expanding video production for mobile devices and online social channels
  • Learn strategies for procuring the best deals within the ad production supply chain, including leveraging

Day 1 8:30-9:00 am – Check in and Continental Breakfast; 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (with a 15 minute morning and afternoon break and a 45 minute lunch break)

Day 2 8:30-9:00 am – Continental Breakfast; 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (same break and lunch schedule as above)

Topics to be presented over the two days include:


Content Summary

2014 Industry Trends

  • What are other advertisers doing and what innovative practices should be considered?
  • What are some new ideas for creating more efficiencies during the entire process?  We will discuss such topics including but not limited to decoupling, preferred partner deals, production audits, production (tax) incentives, and more.

Overview of the Integrated Production Process; Roles & Responsibilities

  • Learn best practices and your roles & responsibilities throughout the production of Broadcast, Web videos, Print/OOH along with Digital production including:
    • Planning & Budgeting:  Your #1 Cost-Saving Tool
    • Bidding / Discovery phase (competitive vs. single bidding; firm bid vs. cost-plus)
    • Awarding the Job
    • Pre-Production / Design Best Practices
    • Casting challenges:  Actors, Celebrities, Real People
    • Production (Shoot / Development)
    • Post-Production / Deployment

Cost Drivers & Strategies for Efficiencies

  • Bring costs under control by understanding a production’s most significant cost drivers including, style of spot or layout, director’s/photographer’s day rates, number of days / hours needed for shoot or digital project, talent, types of music, etc.
  • Learn best practices for re-purposing content across media and how establishing an efficient process can ensure success

Talent:  Managing Your Talent Payments: The Basics

  • Union vs. Non-Union
  • Classifications of talent (OCP, extra, etc)
  • Basics of SAG rules and talent management
  • Understand talent in the “New Media” platforms
  • Managing celebrity talent and allocations
  • Pick up valuable tips for reducing costs.

Selecting a Vendor

  • Learn the agency’s criteria for bringing a director, photographer, or digital company to you
  • What are the questions to ask when viewing directors’ reels, photographers’?
  • How can you make sure you’re selecting the right director for your spot?

Digital SOW Education

  • Learn the key issues in developing a SOW process and understanding how to read a digital estimate

Unique Digital Display Technologies 

  • Learn about creative display formats and production methods that may complement your current media strategy. See examples of desktop and mobile ad technologies designed to increase user interaction and engagement “beyond the banner.”

Tech Talk & Terms

  • Learn common technical terms and references used in digital production and advertising.  Designed to enhance communication with agencies and technical partners.

Finishing Your Spot (Editorial & Special Effects / Animation

  • Learn the best practices and cost drivers for the post-production process.
  • What are the steps in the post-production process?
  • Why do overages proliferate in this area?
  • Delve deeper into the different types of animation (2D, 3D, CGI, etc.)
  • Learn costs associated and why changes in animation can add up quickly.


Note:  Modules subject to change due to participant needs and the latest industry trends.




Jillian Gibbs

Jillian Gibbs is the founder and CEO of APR, a global ad production consultancy that lists many of the world’s biggest brands as clients. APR is the official instructor for ANA ad production seminars and workshops and is frequently called upon to consult on production issues with advertisers, agencies, international industry associations, agency holding companies, and industry executives. Using an in-depth, collaborative approach to help advertisers get the most from their advertising production spend, Jillian has helped define new standards within the production industry throughout her 20-year career.

Jillian is a member of the ANA Faculty and a widely recognized and respected industry leader. She founded APR in 2000 and has led the forward thinking company through considerable growth. APR now has offices in all major U.S. production centers, as well as Canada and Europe.