Media Strategy

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Takeaway / Content Summary


Introduction to Session and Instructor


  • Session Objectives-Develop strategic framework to advance marketer’s managerial and decision making approach to media / Participant Goals
  • Exercise: Participants define what they believe media planning is.  No right wrong response, confidential input.  Brief discussion/natural segue to Modules 2-4


Media Planning


  • Its Role
  • Its Job
  • How to Think About it


The Marketer’s Responsibility



  • Elevating the Media Briefing Process
  • What good briefing looks and sounds like
  • How sharply defined strategy impacts what comes back from the agency


Media Language & Concepts


  • Common language and concepts presented in non-definitional manner
  • Exercise: Identify in small groups media concepts trickiest to master.  Pre-session input along with group input will feed instructor discussion. 


The Media Planning Process


  • Marketing centric prism will be used to demonstrate how to develop and employ inputs to best lock into brand marketing strategy
  • Competitive, robust Target Audience section illustrates how brand strategy shifts impact target development
  • Geography, Seasonality linked to marketing strategy
  • Communications Goals-deep dive illustrating media dynamics linked with understanding of in-market performance informs identification of communication goals
  • Creative considerations
  • Exercises: One at completion or one after target audience and one at completion of all planning inputs (time dependent).  Participants identify how shown approaches would change/impact next planning cycle for their brand.  Discussion.


Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Plan


  • Integrated online and offline
  • Defining roles for media types and online and offline media. Why it’s important.
  • Using your marketing strategy as a foundation to evaluate an integrated plan. 
  • Exercise: Small groups discuss successful and unsuccessful integrated planning processes.  Discussion on common positive and negative influences.


Development of a Measurement Plan


  • Data does not make a measurement plan.
  • Think “Knowledge Plan”
  • Identifying measurements required. Ways to identify what you don’t know but need to know
  • Putting a plan in place before the initiative starts


Understanding Your Internal and External Organization and how it Positively and Negatively Impacts Outcomes of Planning Process


  • Level setting where your organization is and understanding what dynamics aid or impede positive outcomes.
  • Developing a plan to mitigate harmful dynamics


Todays Media Environment and How to Determine What Should be Important to You


  • Staying current on media trends and developing a strategy on how to evolve media for your brand/service
  • Defining where your brand should be on the “Media Innovation Continuum”
  • Using the “Media Innovation Continuum” and your strategy as a litmus test for when jumping into the newest media makes sense for you


Digital Media Landscape


  • Understanding the landscape
  • Determining and prioritizing how paid, owned and earned matter to you.
  • Investing, measuring and evolving those elements that matter the most.
  • Exercise: Individuals identify what excites them the most regarding the untapped role digital could be performing for them.

What might they need to do to harness that untapped potential

Small Groups offer each other ways to improve how that untapped potential can be realized.



Steve Palmisano

Steve Palmisano is the founder of AdElevate, a media consulting company he launched in 2012 that leverages his deep experience for clients who do not possess in-house, senior-level media expertise. Steve began his career in media planning at Y&R in 1981, moving to the client side after launching Advil, then the largest Rx-to-OTC launch. Promoted to advertising director for Whitehall Laboratories in 1987, he went on to have many operational responsibilities within the company’s in-house media buying agency. In late 2010, at what was now called Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Steve reshaped the company’s marketing services vision, which included reporting responsibilities for the Customer Contact Center, Medical Marketing, and a Promotional Review team. Steve is a member of the ANA Faculty who brings with him a long history of collaboratively driving strong dominant brands in both general and multicultural markets.