Retailer Marketing

Retailer Marketing includes shopper marketing, omnichannel marketing, and e-commerce.

Account-specific marketing, or the translation of a national promotion for a specific retailer, evolved into shopper marketing in the early 2000s. Shopper marketing recognized that a true win-win-win for manufacturer, retailer, and shopper would require specific shopper insights, collaborative planning, and solutions between brand and retailer.

With the growth of technology, the 24/7 always-on shopper, and new e-commerce solutions, shopper marketing has morphed into omnichannel marketing, where retailers and brand marketers are challenged to create leading alternative shopper solutions.

For many manufacturers, trade promotion spending is at least 50 percent — and growing — of the marketing allocation, but this money is seldom directed toward the consumer and does not grow the brand.

One reason for the growth of shopper/ omnichannel marketing is that a partial source of funding is from traditional trade promotion spending and a secondary source is from consumer promotion spending on low redemption programs, changing the ROI from historically low returns to as much as a 5:1 return.

With these results, retailer marketing has been a growing area of the marketing budget.

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