The Four Keys To Maximizing Return From Your Sponsorships

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As it has grown into a $17 billion-a-year marketing sector in North America, sponsorship has moved well beyond the idea of writing a check, receiving a package of benefits and sitting back and letting the awareness, loyalty and sales flow in. Top sponsors have developed a host of best practices for getting the most of partnerships.

In this webinar, leading sponsorship consultancy IEG shares the essentials that form the foundation of a winning sponsorship strategy. They are:

  • Selecting: Smart sponsors conduct the right research, set measurable goals and employ objective methods for selecting the right opportunities with which to partner. See how TD Bank developed a selection model that has led to better results from its partnerships.
  • Valuing: Determining the right price to pay is often difficult in sponsorship, particularly when the "seller" does not know or understand the fair market value of what it is offering. See how Ford Canada used an objective valuation system to determine the worth of non-measured media benefits and renegotiate terms and fees for many of its major sponsorships.
  • Activating: With such a high volume of sponsorship activity in the marketplace, it is a huge challenge to ensure messaging and promotional activity stands out. See how Papa John's HP and others make their partnerships relevant and compelling to their target audiences.
  • Measuring: Never before has it been so critically important to hold sponsorships accountable and demonstrate return on investment, objectives, engagement, etc. Beyond counting impressions, on-site sales and online clicks, smart sponsors translate such outputs into genuine outcomes that show impact on the bottom line. See how the Crown Royal brand used a new methodology for determining "return on sponsorship."

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Start: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 1:00pm

End: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 2:00pm



Jim Andrews
Senior Vice President, Editorial Director