Discover Ad Production Key Costs and How to Control Them

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Gaytana Carrino, a Tax Incentive Subject Matter Expert for APR, has been involved in virtually every aspect of the commercial production process. She will discuss the key drivers you need to control production cost, and highlight the ways you can better manage your production costs as well as dive deeper into one key area - Production Incentives.

 She will underscore how easy it is to lower your production costs via the tax rebates and incentives US states and territories regularly offer. With marketers insisting that agencies reduce costs (a recent ANA Survey stated that 52% of marketers are asking agencies to reduce costs) has put a demand on marketers to understand how to control or reduce production expense.

 While marketing budgets stabilized over the past year, marketers are challenging their agencies to share the burden of cost-efficiency. More marketers say they are under pressure to tightly manage their controllable spending. Last year 77% of respondents said they had been asked to control spending; that number jumped to 84% this year. As a result learning about production cost control is critical. Importantly, state-sponsored production incentives can provide money back on a portion of your total production spend--up to 30% in some cases. However, maximizing incentives can be challenging. It requires careful planning during the earliest stages of the process.

 In this webinar you will discover the basics of cashing in on production incentives as well as bring you up to speed on the latest incentive programs. The ANA authored tax incentive white paper will be distributed at this webinar. Join APR's Print Subject Matter Expert, Gaytana Carrino to discover the ad production key cost drivers and how YOU can control them.  

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Start: Monday, April 23, 2012 at 3:00pm

End: Monday, April 23, 2012 at 4:00pm



Gaytana Carrino
Tax Incentive Subject Matter Expert
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