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Promotion Marketing Committee Meeting



I.  Samples Aren't Just for Cereal Anymore: A New Way to Drive Trial at Scale (9:30-10:15AM) 
Trial is the most effective way to drive purchase. It also is the most expensive. When you can’t get your product in the hands of all of your target shoppers through in-store sampling or demos or it is too cost prohibitive, the next best thing is getting the trusted opinions from other shoppers in front of them. A brand can communicate features of a product, but more subjective benefits are best delivered by someone like them who tried the product and overcame similar concerns.

We’ll share how Bazaarvoice clients are taking a more efficient approach to sampling – that works for even high consideration products that cannot be easily “sampled.” Rather than driving trial to the masses, Bazaarvoice is helping our clients get new product in the hands of a targeted group of advocates, and scaling those trusted opinions to influence customers when they are shopping.

Speaker: Jonathan Tieken, Practice Lead - Sampling, Bazaarvoice

II. Avoid a “Swipe Left” Effect on Digital Coupons (10:30-11:15AM)
Just how much “experience” can marketers put between the consumer and the coupon before it becomes unattractive? In our session, we will look at how to balance consumer and brand expectations in the on-demand generation of digital coupon marketing. We’ll explore new strategies for digital coupons which are sure to be a game changer for the CPG industry. 

Speaker: Marc Mathies,
Executive Director, Digital Coupons, Valassis Digital


IV. LUNCH  (12:00PM – 12:45PM)