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9:00-9:30 am: Networking Breakfast
9:30-9:45 am: Introductions and Agenda Review

According to the 2010 US Census, a whopping 40% of US births last year were to single moms and a mere 4% of American families qualify as 'traditional'. Never before has understanding motherhood and the modern-day family been so complex, so intriguing and so critical. A powerful generation has graduated into parenthood; a challenged economy has ushered in a new balance in family dynamics; and real-time technology has redefined how moms learn, share and shop. In this session, find out why parenting is getting technical, how the new family equation adds up, and--most importantly--who defines 'mom' today.


Melissa Lavigne-Delvill
e, Vice President, Trends and Strategic Insights, Integrated Media - NBCUniversal

II. MOBILE MARKET RESEARCH (11:00am-12:00pm)
Mobile is quickly becoming a key method of reaching customers for marketing as well as research. In this session, Joy Liuzzo, Vice President, Director - InsightExpress will discuss this alternative research platform to capture insights during and immediately following your consumers' day-to-day experiences or transactions. She will also discuss powerful research methodologies and advertising measurement techniques in a mobile environment and recruitment techniques for sought-after respondents who are constantly on-the-go.

Joy Liuzzo
, Vice President, Director - InsightExpress

The Cross Platform Measurement initiative, Making Marketing Make Sense (3MS) was launched in March 2011 by the ANA, IAB and the 4A's in order to develop digital metrics and advertising currency that facilitate the cross-platform measurement and evaluation of media. The lack of consistent approach to measuring and assessing the effects of digital media has resulted in a cacophony of competing and contradictory measurement systems, contributing to a complex and costly supply chain for the industry. From the marketer's perspective 3MS will:

  • Improve the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of overall marketing efforts
  • Provide increased proof of value to support cross-platform spends
  • Enhance understanding of ad performance leading to increased impact with fewer dollars
  • Potentially allow hard dollar savings to be redeployed to higher-impact activities
  • Frees up internal and agency resources that no longer need to interpret digital ad performance.

It has been estimated that advertisers could save $35-$50 million annually and agencies could save $40-$75 million a years if these solutions are adopted.

Duke Fanelli
, SVP Marketing & Communications - ANA

This session will be an open forum to discuss topics of interest to pursue for future committee meetings. We look to all members to share their interests in order to make the committee meetings valuable and meaningful for the Research Committee.