ANA Best in Class REGGIE Marketing Campaigns (Members Only Conference)

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Every year, hundreds of agencies and brands compete for the honor of winning a REGGIE Award. Entries go through two rounds of rigorous judging with over 200 different judges, creating a fierce competition for the top three spots in each category. On November 14, we will dive deeper into what makes a campaign worthy of winning a REGGIE Award and showcasing some of 2017’s top winners. 

At this conference you will hear from marketers who are driving results across multiple areas of marketing. From national consumer to local/regional activations and experiential to digital/social media programs, this members-only conference will give your marketing teams an in-depth look at what it takes to produce award-winning work.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017
8:30am Breakfast

9:15am General Session


Miller High Life was a fading brand. Introduced to the market in 1903 as an affordable, high-quality beer, the brand was being dragged down with the rest of the economy beer segment, with sales slipping by 2 percent year over year. Millennials, one of the brand's key target audiences, were more interested in the newest craft beer or cocktail creation. Miller High Life needed to step out of the shadows to get noticed again by drinkers and retailers, and build back the loyalty it once enjoyed. Miller's "Wear the High Life" campaign is a loyalty program that helped bring a genuine and substantive but fading brand out of obscurity by putting a spotlight on the values it shared with its drinkers. Hear from Chris Emery, SVP, Account Director, Arc Worldwide and Taylor Brown, Brand Manager, Miller High Life on what went into this Gold winning REGGIE campaign. 

Chris Emery
SVP Account Director Arc Worldwide
Taylor Brown
Brand Manager Miller High Life
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Deluxe has been a champion of small business since 1915. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015 by creating the "Small Business Revolution," a content marketing campaign that showcased 100 small business stories across the country through photo essays, videos, and a half-hour documentary. Along the way, the brand realized that nowhere were small businesses more under siege than in small towns. Deluxe launched "Small Business Revolution — Main Street" to help those small businesses (and in turn, those small towns) reignite the spark that drives them and keeps people coming back. Hear from Cameron Potts as he takes you through the case study for this Gold winning REGGIE campaign in the Content Marketing Category.

Cameron Potts
‎Vice President of Public Relations and Community Management Deluxe Corporation
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10:55am Networking Coffee Break



T-Mobile noticed a huge problem with loyalty programs: customers take one look at them, specifically those in the wireless industry, and think they're going to get ripped off. T-Mobile decided to flip the current loyalty model on its head and create its own loyalty program, making sure it rewarded and showed appreciation for every single T-Mobile customer. T-Mobile decided that one of the most important aspects of its "Un-Carrier" program was that it was flexible. The brand echoed that flexibility by running its loyalty program, T-Mobile Tuesdays, through a dynamic app that it could adjust week after week. Learn from the Ryan Hedges and Chris Roution as they take you through their winning case study.

Ryan Hedges
Vice President, Digital Strategy The Marketing Store, Chicago
Chris Roution
‎Director Marketing Partnerships & Business Development T-Mobile USA
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Family Dollar created a content campaign in the form of a game show called Save to Win that targeted families. Playing weekly on the CW network gave the show a rich well of social content. Family Dollar and Pat Neely, the show's host, consistently showcased clips and drove traffic to the show's landing page. Hear from the Catapult team on how the show increased interaction on Family Dollar's social channels and foot traffic in stores and won them a Gold REGGIE Award!

Todd Zullo
VP Client Services Catapult
Lara Kellish
Creative Director Catapult
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12:40pm Lunch



Contours is a small player in the premium stroller category. The brand's marketers wanted to find a creative way to showcase the design and safety features of its strollers while intercepting parents for pre-store consideration. On a limited budget, Contours created "The Baby Stroller Test-Ride," a product demonstration that let parents experience what their babies experienced but couldn't describe Hear from FCB and Contours as they take you through their SUPER REGGIE Award winning case study. 

Tina Manikas
President FCB/RED
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