ANA Business Marketing Members-Only Conference @ AT Kearney


Start: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 8:15am

End: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 4:00pm


AT Kearney
227 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60606

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

B2B Marketers MAP to Success

  • Marketing accountability to deliver revenue and growth : how to define what success looks like and what metric scorecard can help to drive accountability between sales & marketing
  • Why Architecture of Hope ? Culture eats [Marketing] strategy for lunch : how to build a brand and positioning that embraces the company's mission and culture. If your key value proposition doesn't reflects what's in your corporate DNA, you're in trouble. 
  • Digital Transformation : what new media strategy and key digital & social capabilities to build foundations for speed, predict performance and adaptive execution.

Simon Mouyal
CMO Medidata

Cultivating the Crazies: How to Unlock the Untapped Potential in Your B2B Market

We survey our customers and interview our prospects. We build our marketing stacks, analyze close rates, and optimize our funnels. We use data to drive efficiency and increase effectiveness. Unfortunately, all of this is table stakes, and none of it helps you drive the growth you need.

Brands need inspiration, not incrementalism. The most effective brands challenge buying assumptions and paint a vision for a better market. This is the kind of change that helps you attract the Crazies—the small, influential group of people who share your vision or share stakes in your success but are sitting on the sideline today. We’ll share highlights from Aberdeen’s new B2B buying survey that connects a vendor’s vision for change to buyer consideration. We’ll show how brands from Waze to Red Hat have created a change agenda to leverage a human resource most companies ignore. And we’ll discuss five simple strategies that put the crazies to work for you. 

Mike O'Toole
President PJA Advertising and Marketing
Matt Grant
Director of Content Strategy The Aberdeen Group

Confirmed Speakers:

Chris Feuell
Vice President, Global Marketing Adient, LLC

Today’s Power Couple: Marketing & Sales

There’s been a lot of discussion about the new power couple being Marketing & IT, rightly so, but we cannot forgot about the most important coupling in our business today; Sales & Marketing. In today’s world of fragmented attention, empowered buyers and data, it’s more important than ever for the two most critical revenue generating teams to be well aligned.  We cannot afford silos that cause negative leverage. Well-aligned Sales & Marketing teams help each other deliver better results while sharing credit appropriately within their internal business reviews. This partnership minimizes wasted operating expenses and redundant headcount.

We’ll have an open conversation about the role Marketing must play in creating alignment and a true partnership with their Sales Leadership.

Key Takeaways

  1. What causes misalignment?
  2. How best practice organizations are aligning Sales & Marketing
  3. The role technology plays in bringing Sales & Marketing together.
  4. Practical advice on how to gain & keep alignment with Sales

Mike Wier
Vertical Director, Technology LinkedIn

Google – The Shift to Machine Learning

Machine Learning represents the third paradigm shift in technology that is transforming advertising. The first was Digitalization, then Mobile, and now we are living in the era of Machine Learning. We often think of Machine Learning first as a service, with good reason. By 2020, the market for Machine Learning technology will reach $20B. But Machine Learning is also an intelligence engine, allowing you to make smarter decisions for your organization and in your marketing strategy.

Machine learning is already pervasive in our everyday lives, but what does it mean for marketers? Will automation kill the need for creative marketing campaigns? How do you leverage Machine Learning to create more engaging ads and connect with your customers across your entire marketing funnel?

This session will explore how we should rethink marketing in an AI-first world and how smart B2B marketers are preparing for the future to come."

Lauren Nelson
Global Client Lead Google